Marcos Artista from Dallas Texas

Dallas Vs. The World!

This kid literally can not be stopped if you don’t know about Marcos Artista you need to wake up because little do you know you have already been well aquatinted with him. Artista has done cover art for some of the hottest artist out now like LUCKI, THOUXANBANFAUNI, CHRIS TRAVIS, and more. The best part is that he’s so talented he isn’t just limited to pen and paper he can even whip up a master piece right from his notes in his phone. The picture below was done with the notes app by Artista with just his finger.  

This is also the cover art for THOUXANBANFAUNIS fire ass single ‘FLYIN’; Artista is also responsible for both of the covers for Fauni’s ‘HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP’ mixtape. Artista took a average hobbie and escalated it and he now owns his own clothing line that includes all his own original artwork which is called ‘MBM‘ check it out in the link below. Artista started out as a fan of the members of AWGE drawing pictures of all of them and sending physical copies to them which eventually landed him his own spot in the group.

I can confidently say Marcos Artista is one of the best out right now his work ethic is insane and he knows how to keep alot of his artwork diverse which always keeps you ready for more. To see more artwork and clothes from Marcos check out all his social media accounts at @forgivemelvrd. 

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