Threeseaterdesign From Charlotte.

Threeseaterdesign Versus The World

Charlotte N.C. is filled with so much talent that most times the good artists just get overlooked while the popular artists get all the notoriety…. with that being said, here’s a kid who stays under the radar while his work is slowly gain awareness.

Jacob Honeycutt or Threeseaterdesign (long name right) is a 17 year old Charlotte native who is simply trying to create a name for himself. In a nutshell, Threeseater is “…all about supporting local artists in Charlotte that are on a come up.” “Hopefully I work my way up into designing for well known and more popular artists.”

Threeseaterdesigns knows how to make graphics that have cartoon and childlike aspects, but still retain a realistic feel. Getting into digitally manipulating photos and creating cover art from scratch is no easy task, so we have to salute those who have the time and patience to do so… but come on, you’re three steps ahead of the game if you already have a website/platform to present your work on. ……see website…three steps ahead… gang shit.

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