GOON Vs. The World!

Meet Colby Goon from Manchester, New Hampshire; an artistic individual who started up a streetwear clothing brand called “GOON” that began to create his own clothing because he wanted to begin wearing his own art & eventually shared it with the rest of the world. THE DAY I DIE IS THE DAY I LIVE 4EVER is the first collection Colby released after gaining the internets attention, with the help of the exposure gained from rappers in the music industry wearing his gear. These rappers include names such as Sailing Team’s Kodie Shane & 21 Savage. This brand has managed to grab the attention of countless individuals with help of its extra ordinary but yet simplistic logo. Streetwear has been on the rise for several years now, GOON will continue to undergo progression in it’s high-end apparel. Take a look at GOONS first lookbook & click below to shop!

Follow Colby & 4EVERGOON via Twitter & IG: @COLBYGOON, @4EVERGOON

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