Florida Vs The World!

Unkle Bernz has been designing for almost ten years now. Soon to turn 24, Berns is looking toward a bright future and heavy influence in the art community. Even if you’ve never heard the name, you’ve seen his work. Doing a lot of advertising for A$AP and AWGE, Bernz has created a big name for himself in the music industry. If you follow him on social media you know the creative genius who is DeadMonBernz, and probably have a dope wallpaper on your phone too. While viewing his artwork you’ll find yourself being taken back to your childhood where everything was so colorful and enjoyable. From wallpapers of bey blades, to goyard patterns, to old cartoon characters, DMB really works to hook up everyones phone with the dopest concepts. When it comes to designing Bernz can really do it all and he doesn’t intend to stop. Regularly dropping wallpapers, DMB also works on cover art for big name artists, visual concepts, music, and anything else it seems he can get his hands on. Check out some of these wallpapers:

Yeah those are crazy.

DMB is a really nice guy if you ever reach out to him. He supports smaller artists as well as helps build respect for the design community as a whole. Bernz is proficient in photoshop and illustrator and has a work ethic like no one else. He did not attend school for design and continues down the path of self enlightenment. DMB told us that his plans for the future are to keep getting better and “build a foundation for artistic prodigies that have skills in all art forms.” If you’re just reading about him now, look out for the DMB in the left or right hand corners of graphics… I’m sure you see him more than you think.

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