Yesterday I had the the opportunity to have a Q&A with one of the hardest working producers in the underground scene right now, he goes by the name of FXNESSE2X. I’ve always seen his name credited at the end of a lot of my favorite songs & I wanted to get to know him as a person & also a producer. This guy has big time credits & his beats are out of this world! The future for FXNESSE2X is very bright,  don’t be surprised if you begin to see his name everywhere. Read below to find out exactly who FXNESSE2X is! 


JD: What’s your name? & Where you from?

F2X: My name is TJ but my stage name is FXNESSE2X, a couple of my friends call me fxnesse tho. I’m from Nashville, Tennessee. To be more specific Antioch, TN which is a area in Nashville. Almost like a small town but not really. That’s where I consider I’m from, this is where I grew up.

JD: Backwoods, Raws, Or Swishers?

F2X: Really white grape games or green games, swishers would be my 2nd choice. I can fuck with woods if you don’t roll limp ass shits

JD: What made you want to start producing?

F2X: Honestly I always had the like feeling of being a producer since a little kid. I use to hum songs but in my head I always added extra sounds or maybe singing you feel me? I didn’t actually start doing it until like 8th grade on my iPod lmao. So it’s been like 6 years give or take. I still remember telling my family that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up for the first time too.

JD: At what age did you start producing?

F2X: About 13 or 14.

JD: What’s your fav clothing brand right now?

F2X: I’d say 10deep, don’t have much of it but def one of my favs. I really just rock whatever looks cool, nice quality all that good shit. I really wanna rock more upcoming street wear instead of shit everyone wears tho.

JD: Who’s some of the artists you work with? & will we see more placements from you in the future?

F2X: So far I’ve worked with SAHBABII, UNOTHEACTIVIST, ATL SMOOK, DSAVAGE, FREHIE, BLVCK LONDON, me and MAR90s got shit in the cut too, but that’s for some of the more notable placements, S/o to all of the ones I have worked with though it’s just too many to name. And of course I’m always working. Freshie and I have more shit that’s actually confirmed and it’s super hard all of them. As for the others I’ve named we’ll see what happens.

JD: Who’s some of the artist & producers you would like to work with?

F2X: Mannnnn I wanna work with THOUXANBANFAUNI the most. Always been a fan of him. Then FAMOUS DEX and CARTI and UZI. definitely more with Uno and SAHBABII. Other than that no one really that I can think of off the top of my head. Been kinda sleep on all the new music dropping in the underground scene honestly.

JD: How can you describe your sound?

F2X: I’d describe it as really melodic, almost dark but light at the same time. Real wavy shit. Some shit you can really vibe and like rap rap on, not no diamonds on my wrist bitch on my dick shit. I’m trying to start a new trend cuz everyone sounds the same now. Gotta stand out and you can’t do that if you can’t tell this producer from the next without his tag in it.

JD: Long term goals?

F2X: I just want to make it to a point I can live comfortably off of making beats. I don’t have to be metro level and ones like him, but I do wanna die a legend and that’s all. I’m making my mark on the game soon.

JD: Last question, when’s the highest you’ve ever been?

F2X: Lmfaoooo man one time I smoked a fat ass joint with my homie Marley before school one morning and I was so fucking high I was sweating like a mf and it was like 20 degrees outside. Everybody on there thought I was tweakin fr lmfao.

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