DIRTYBUTT: A Charlotte Artist Making Waves

Charlotte Vs. The World!

Quran Thomas, also known as @dirtybutt or @dirtybuttart on Instagram is one of my favorite artists from my city. With just his finger and his phone, Quran draws cover art for locals such as 10cellphones, other artists, his own fictional characters, and even some crazy animations. Don’t get it twisted though, he can also draw on paper/canvas just as well. With his well known cartoonish style and wide color pallet, Quran has really made a name for himself. He’s even had people rip off his style of art (just look at the album art of Kodak Black’s “Painting Pictures’ and tell me that that artist didn’t rip him off).

This is a side by side comparison of a drawing of XXXTENTACION by @dirtybutt (left) and the album art for “Painting Pictures” (right).

Although Quran has copycats all around him, he still pumps out some of the dopest and most creative art i’ve seen in awhile. Please give this man a follow on Instagram @dirtybutt and @dirtybuttart, he deserves it. 


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