Charlotte vs. The World!

The creative who prefers to remain behind the scenes; “THE Chris Bailey” (TCB), the unfamiliar face of Chi.QC. 

Chi qc is a forward thinking Film Company with it’s sights set on the 10th dimension. The discovery of concepts both unorthodox and counter-intuitive, are essential in elevating the brand to a boundless reality.” explains TCB. 

 According to the creative mind of Chris Bailey, everything, down to the wardrobe must relate with the sounds, and ultimately become captured through film in order to deliver an experience you will never forget.

Based off of pure work ethic, this is one of the hardest working individuals in the film scene of North Carolina today.

To explore his latest content & visual releases , follow the bro @chi_qc (twitter/instagram) & youtube(chi qc)

content game crazy, but you sleep though..

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