Divergent Films: The ingenious production company of Charlotte N.C

Charlotte Versus The World!

Divergent films; The production team based out of Charlotte N.C that refuses to go unnoticed! The new era art scene has almost everyone believeing that photography & videography is pretty fucking easy…it’s not. 

The primary focus of Divergent Films is to capture memorable moments through both photos and digital film, as well as take any idea you were possibly conjuring up and turn it into a quality visual. With an interesting name like “Divergent films“, one would think the name has some sort of deep meaning but in reality they simply represent unity and assisting others in the field of all things creative. 

Finally the goal of Divergent Films is to create an innovational family/brand of various creative artist such as, photographers, editors, models, actors, etc. where everyone benefits from each other’s individual talent while also achieving goals for the brand and for the highest good of all. 

Social media game crazy though…Follow @divergentmfilms_ on Instagram as well as twitter, AND peep the website (http://www.wearedivergentfilms.com)

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