006 Set Sweatsuits ARE On The Way

Charlotte Vs. The World!

We all know The 006 Set is known for making good music. With members such as Frais, Fendi Benz, and Jay Storm 006 has made a name for themselves as one of the premiere rap collectives from Charlotte, North Carolina. With all the talent on their roster, the set is branching out this year with some crazy sweatsuits for the summer and fall seasons. Frais, Fetti, and Fendi have previewed an all white hoodie and matching track pants with 3M accenting with “006Set” printed all throughout the hoodie and pants. Although 006 Set isn’t know for their designs, fans and lovers of clothing alike cannot wait for these suits to drop. With no set release date, the set has already put out the website where you can purchase these with email notifications, so you know exactly when the site launches. I need to get my hands on this dope ass suit and hopefully I will. Get notified of when the suits go up for sale at fuckyouniggas.com

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