Justin Boyd from Long Beach, California

Long Beach Vs. The World!

The self made photographer/creative director out of long beach who is not to be fucked with!

Proving day by day that a mere “job” will soon be a thing of the past. At only 18, Justin Boyd, knows how to deliver the saucy quality shots that are more much more than the average colors and angles you’re used to (if you’re used to colors and angles). 

This photographer has a colorful mind and you can tell he loves to express it through excellent quality art in picture format. He is also the main photographer for HYPLAND as well as their creative director. How cool does that sound? At only 18…what are you doing?

IF you decide you want to know more about Justin Boyd, you can follow his social media @JBOYDVISUALS. Who knows, you probably have already shot with him.

When you view these images, visualize more than photos on a screen but a frozen moment in time in which some cool shit happened and this man was able to catch it all from start to finish. 

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