Adam22 and No Jumper: The Underground’s Favorite Podcast

New Hampshire Vs. The World!

Adam Grandmaison, or as most people call him “Adam22” or “onsomeshit” has paved the way for many underground artists. Coming from a BMX background, Adam has turned his past into one of the most popular podcast YouTube channels of all time. 

Despite his long love for hip-hop, the No Jumper podcast was merely an accident. Adam started doing BMX podcasts, but one of the early episodes with friend and underground legend Xavier Wulf, blew up. In under 3 years, Adam has amassed over 660,000 subscribers on his No Jumper YouTube channel and has interviewed artists such has Lil Yachty, Famous Dex, Smokepurpp, Lil Tracy, Ugly God, Pouya, XXXtentacion, among many others. 

Despite the crudeness of Adam’s jokes, his sincerity is what separates himself from the crowd. Opening himself up to his loving fanbase, Adam has talked about his problem with Xanax and dealing drugs. He isn’t afraid to show all sides of himself (as seen in his daily vlogs). Although Adam may look menacing on the outside, he just wants to blow up and be successful just like any other business man. He’s already been on a full fledged tour with Lil Pump and Smokepurpp, so the opportunities are endless. “I want to keep doing big tours, but I’m not dying to take big-name rappers, just the underground dudes we’ve had on the podcast.” Adam has a love for the underground and the entire UsVersusWorld team salutes him for it. We all expect big things from him and it makes me smile to see all the exposure he brings to artists people may not know about. Keep up the good work. We’ll all be watching.

Check out his latest interview with child rapper sensation Matt Ox below:

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