Miami Vs. The World!

DRYDURAGS is a household name to almost every teenager in South Florida right now. This is because of his eye-catching hand drawn designs that he exposes freely to the internet through his twitter/instagram. If you are familiar with DURAGS then you’d know he’s done work for many of your favorite underground artists & even mainstream freelance work. From A$AP Mob to Migos to Tyler The Creator he’s done it all when it comes to creating artwork drawn by none other than himself! There is no doubt he is extremely talented & on the verge to success, he’s taken his talents as far as clothing which has been serving him & his fans well from selling out almost immediately. The support has been in DURAGS favor & it’ll only get better from this point on, do yourself a favor & give this guy the spotlight he needs for his astounding art!

Follow DRYDURAGS on Twitter/Instagram: @CafeConHidrys & @DRYDURAGS

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