Fort Worth Vs. The World!

Nowadays, artists always have a set style, something they’re comfortable with. Ian Woods or as many know him as “poserrboy” is far from having a “set style” or being the cookie-cutter artist that many have come to expect. From all the art i’ve seen from the Texas native, it seems as if his art is metamorphosing with every single piece he creates. Ian constantly pushes boundaries in our ever so changing world where he forms abstract illustrations within recognizable celebrities, logos, and clothing.

Ian has been creating ever since he was a child, but I don’t he ever expected to be working alongside superstars such as A$AP Rocky and the A$AP Mob. He went from being inspired by them to working with them! In an interview with Sleepless in Suburbia, Ian opens up with his experiences with becoming apart of the AWGE team. “I’ve been a fan of them since Rocky’s first project and I’ve always looked up to Ian (Connor). But I guess Ian or Carti showed Rocky my artwork… so he (Rocky) messaged me on Instagram saying he liked my aesthetic and within a week he flew me out and the rest is history.” 

Ian Woods is an oddball within the art and pop culture filled world we live in. You never know what he has up his sleeve. From distorted yet beautifully illustrated portraits of Tyler, the Creator, to seemingly unfinished drawings of your favorite brand’s logo, Ian doesn’t let the outsiders dictate his work. Obviously him being his own person is working well. With more and more fans becoming obsessed with his work, the youth is falling in love with Ian! With Ian’s extensive portfolio, it’s hard to choose my favorite pieces, but i’ve tried my hardest. Look at my personal favorite works of art by Ian below and be sure to check out more of his talent by clicking here.

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