BTFX Designs: Austin’s Faceless Graphic Designer

 Austin Vs. The World!

On the internet, it’s so easy to showcase your work for millions of people to see. Austin native, Ben or as many would call him BTFX Designs has been doing just that for the past year. The 16 year old keeps his identity secret with only his initials (BT) being shown in his username. When I asked him why he’s so recluse, he simply responded with “I just don’t feel it necessary. I want my art to speak for who I am.” He’s dabbled in the arts such as photography since he was a child, but now is trying to further his education in graphic design while branching off into his own lane, making some of the most polished yet insane graphics.

“Rodeo” Cover Alternate by BTFX Designs

Gaining inspiration from rap legends such as Kanye West, Travis Scott, and the A$AP Mob, Ben began making wallpapers from popular albums Days Before Rodeo, Yeezus, Blonde, Luv is Rage 2, among others with hopes that people would use them. Less than a year later, Ben is still making dope wallpapers and is now creating custom covers that are even cooler than the originals. 

You’d be surprised to find out where this young one acuqires his creative ingenuity. Drawing from artist Casper Friedrich, Ben utilizes his style in many bodies of work that he’s released. His favorite and most popular piece for Travis Scott’s heavily anticipated album “Astroworld” (left) is a beautiful rendition of “Wanderer Above The Sea of Fog” (right) painted by Friedrich in 1818.

With all this buzz surrounding him, BTFX Designs continues to strive. He recently began charging for his graphic art and it seems that the talent is proof for the upcharge. Killing custom cover art for up and coming rapper,  yungshaqq that features old NBA Live footage of Tracy McGrady dunking on his opponents, his artistic style knows no bounds. With a website featuring all of his crazy creations coming soon, the sky is truly the limit for this kid. 

Check out his Instagram and Twitter (@btfxdesigns) and make sure to give him a follow to keep up with his amazing content.

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