Dallas Vs. The World!

It’s time to get acquainted with our favorite artist in the underground industry right now & that is DAVIS7500. Everything this man draws literally turns into a masterpiece and the time he puts into his work makes him one of the best out right now. Keeping a cartoonish style while implementing stand out colors, it’s hard to not notice his artwork. Working with a handful of underground rappers that we’ve come to know and love, DAVIS has been making his way to the top by having done atleast a few cover arts for the most fire songs to drop in the span of 2017 & now starting 2018. With credits like, SMOKEPURPP, UGLY GOD, BIGBABYGUCCI, RON$OCOLD, 10 CELLPHONES, 2KTHAGOON & more; DAVIS makes it known he’s well respected. Here’s a look at a few of these cover arts: 

Cover art isn’t the only thing DAVIS is gifted in creating, he can also freestyle masterpieces, their is no limit for this true artist his work will soon be everywhere for the entire world’s eyes to view & spread like wildfire & we’ll be one of the first people to say we saw it all coming. Take a look at these over the top drawings below & become the next person to tell a friend about DAVIS7500 out of the Lonestar State of Texas who makes his creations come to life in every aspect.

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