Spokane Vs. The World!

We’ve had the time to reach out to one of Spokane’s most dedicated/talented graphic artist & clothing designer who goes by the name of STEEZDESIGNS. We break down a little bit of STEEZ & who he is as a person in the creative underground scene as he’s slowly making a name for himself in the Pacific Northwest. While building up a few credits from the likes of our favorite artists in the industry, STEEZ shows he’s more than determined to make this year a positive one for him & his growing audience that his art attracts. Read up on our round of personal questions we gave STEEZ to answer & understand him as a creative so that whoever is reading will become a fan of what he brings to the table!

Take a look at his portfolio below:



Q: What’s your name & Where are you from?

A: Steven McCracken, I’m from Spokane Washington.

Q: What made you want to design art?

A: I’ve drawn my entire life and when it came to picking a career I figured arts the thing I’ve put the most hours into so why not make it my living. It’s also the thing I enjoy doing most in my off time.

Q: Who/What influences you the way most?

A: Famous artists and their art have always been interesting to me, but I feel like most of my inspiration comes from seeing other kids doing the same thing as me make it. Whether they’re graphic designers, producers, rappers, or whatever I’ve seen so many kids go from ten followers to working with their favorite artists within years. It really gives me the hope that I’ll be joining them in the near future.

Q: What is one thing you want to achieve in 2018?

A: Last year I drove myself to the edge of insanity by setting myself too high of goals. So for this year the only real thing I want to do is make better art and stay positive, and I think achievements will come along with that.

Q: Describe your work in one word?

A: Steez.

Q: Best cereal?

A: They just brought back Oreo Os, no other cereals compare.

Q: What is your art process, meaning what do you like to do/hear when creating?

A: I’ll usually just get a little high and drink some coffee or a redbull to keep me motivated lol. Then I’ll usually throw on either some instrumentals or MF DOOM, something lowkey like that so I can focus. That’s just my ideal environment though I’m usually working in a loud living room at my house with 6 roommates.

Q: We see you have quite a few credits.. any other artist you would like to work with?

A: So many, Some of the biggest though would be Famous Dex, Retch, Yung Bans, ASAP Ferg, and some of the greats like MF Doom and Sosa but idk if those will ever happen.

Q: One thing you would tell your biggest fan?

A: If you want to be an artist or do whatever you’re passionate about, the hardest part is going to be not quitting. Im over two years into this and I’m just now getting some recognition, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost quit, but if it’s truly your passion quitting simply isn’t an option –

Q: Top 3 mixtapes?

A: Damn of all time would probably go Capital Steez – Amerikkkan ASAP Ferg – Ferg Forever Danny Brown – Detroit State Of Mind 4 –

Q: Any future plans for your clothing?

A: Got a ton planned over the next year, hopefully including a new website. As of right now I don’t have the funds or the following to be really successful with a clothing though so I want to wait until cover art takes off a little more and then when this isn’t fun to me anymore I’ll be able to turn my full attention to my own art and a clothing line. It may not be real soon but keep your eyes out for some Steez collections they’re coming.

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