DEADSTEAD Vs. The World!

Meet one of South Florida’s most promising underground stars who goes by the name of GABELAMANE. The HOMESTEAD native gives viewers a front row to his life as an artist & as an individual living in a small town just south of Miami, Florida. He gives us a very detailed Q&A in which he goes on to say how the collective “BRAINDEAD” came to be, shouts out to the rest of the guys as well, OTTO, JERRZI & DANNY HILL$! GABE brings an insanely versatile sound to the plate, while letting it be known he will always pay homage to those who inspired him to be what he is now. Read for yourself our deep & personal conversation in which we’ve had the opportunity to partake in, with BRAINDEAD’s own, GABELAMANE below & hear some of his hit tracks on Soundcloud as well!

Q: What’s your name & Where you from?

A: Name is GabeLaMane from a pretty small shitty town down south in Homestead Florida.

Q: What made you want to start making music?

A: A lot of things led to making music, mostly my homies in my group. I started off just wanting to make my own streetwear brand, and the homies really pushed me to make music cause they saw something in me I think, I’ve always loved music, but when this underground scene came into play I fell in love with it since day one since the Raider Klan days, Black Smurf, Bones all of that it was so raw and uncensored and really transparent and that shit was cool to me and I knew I wanted to make a name for myself in that world because I know a couple years down the line, what myself and everyone else is doing in this game will be looked at as history.

Q: How did the collective “BRAINDEAD” come to be?

A: I met everyone in BRAINDEAD in high school we all went to the same school, and we were just homies not even super tight yet. And one day I heard that first Earl tape, and it changed my life, I saw these dudes were doing whatever they wanted and did it with their friends and didn’t give a fuck what anybody said and you can just tell it was all organic and I wanted to be apart of something like that. So me and my boy Jerzi spoke about it but we didn’t make music at all but we knew Danny and Otto did we came to them pretty much saying were gonna handle the streetwear/image part of things and you guys just keep making music and we’ll all help each other out. But long story short they helped us get into the making music part and taught me everything I know when it comes to that and ill always be thankful. Those guys are my brothers, and I wouldn’t wanna be doing it with anyone else.

Q: Describe your music with one word?

A: Versatile

Q: We noticed you changed your name, Is Soulja Mane nomore? & if so why’d you choose Gabe La Mane?

A: I originally started with GabeLaMane and then came out with Soulja Mane because really my favorite rapper ever is Master P, and I was into making that heavy hitting sorta trap vibes but as time went, I started experimenting with other sounds just trying to be as versatile as I could and felt like being Soulja Mane was trapping me in a box and I felt limited and my mentality in this world is I live my life with no limits. So it just felt right to go back to my roots and be GabeLaMane so I can show everyone I’m much more then just one sound pretty much.

Q: How old are you?

A: I’m 19

Q: What’s a studio session with you like, & do you write your lyrics or is it all off the dome?

A: Studio sessions with me are for the most part pretty fast, I wish I could spit off the dome some hard shit but na, I write a whole song in about 15 minutes, and take most of my time on the recording process getting it down till me and the homies are satisfied with it.

Q: Who/What influences you the most?

A: Im influenced by a lot of the prior people that did it before me, and I’m alright with saying that a lot of these rappers are scared to pay homage to those who did it before them or even their contemporaries now, but ill always show love if I genuinely fuck with you. Im influenced a lot by groups in a whole, like the whole Awful Records movement how they did it so genuinely and want to see all their homies make it. Also the whole ASAP movement, RIP YAMS. And another one is Buffet Boys, they really got great energy and they earned everything they got, Ive had a chance to kick it with some of them and those people are just genuinely good people and shit like that influences me.

Q: What do you plan on accomplishing in 2018?

A: Being more of myself, making more music, prospering with my brothers. Really trying to get a chance to get that platform to show the world our art.

Q: Favorite streetwear brand out now?

A: My favorite Streetwear brand is Wendigo thats some new shit me and a couple of my friends are coming out with now y’all will see soon enough. Do you have any upcoming projects or songs releasing soon? Im recording a project now, but for now on whats ready to release I got a few singles I’m about to put out with some special features. I got a song coming out with two pretty well known artists details coming soon, I also got a crazy track me and my boy Otto that he’s going to release pretty soon with some crazy visuals. More music more everything soon you feel me.

Q: If you could work with any artist at the moment who would it be & why?

A: If I could work with anyone right now it would probably be Yung Lean, his shit has always been crazy always someone I’ve looked up to in this game. He’s really doing this shit for him and doesn’t care if anyone likes it, plus his music is crazy and we would cook up some wild shit.

Q: Top 3 mixtapes ever? This is tough but top 3 ever. The Earl tape, Back From The Dead 2 by Keef, and this isn’t considered a mixtape but I saw it as that the Tales From the Underground by Raider Klan.

A: Will we ever get another BRAINDEAD project? Most definitely, Receptive Death Vol. 2 is about to be put in the works.

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