GENYEN #1 – MYSELF x GET IT HOW I LIVE (Official Music Video)

Charlotte Vs. The World!

Staying cautious, GenYen #1 kills two birds with one stone by making one huge visual for “Myself” and “Get It How I Live”. Giving off multiple vibes and moods, “Myself” is an upbeat track about bossing up and doing things solo while “Get It How I Live” is a gritty freestyle. For this, UsVersusWorld‘s own, McNasty Visuals takes the wheel. 

GenYen dances and turns up to his single while McNasty layers shots and shows off his editing prowess. Transitioning to “Get It How I Live”, GenYen is now in the dark of the night as he raps over the city while he’s jigging on top of a skyscraper. Both of these slappers could’ve had two separate visuals, but this option was a lot cooler. Watch this crazy compilation below and see what GenYen and McNasty can do!


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