North Carolina Vs. The World!

We finally got the chance to meet the infamous underground phenom, BBYGOYARD while we were in Austin for SXSW. After sharing a lengthy conversation on 6th street, we got down to business; finding out personal & musical things about the 22 year old artist. The FOREVERWORLD front runner next to BIGBABYGUCCI explains how he used to be a big anime fan & how Chief Keef’s “Back From The Dead 2” is the reason he found interest in the underground rap scene. Today he finds himself making hit after hit just waiting for the day he blows all the way up into the star he’s soon set to be. Take the time out of your day to find out a little about the heavily versatile artist making impeccable noise out of North Carolina. 

Q: Let’s get straight into this, What’s your name & Where you from?

A: My name is BBYGOYARD & I’m from a smalll town in North Carolina.

Q: We see you’re apart of “FORVERWORLD”, what is that?

A: FOREVERWOLRD is a collective but it’s pretty much a label at this point & a family full of creatives.

Q: How old are you?

A: 22.

Q: When did you start making music?

A: I started making music when I was 18 but I didnt really start getting into the type of music I make now until about 2 years because before then I was making anime rap. 

Q: Speaking of anime rap, what are your favorite anime’s ever? 

A: Well I don’t really watch anime like that anymore but if I had to choose it would definitely be DBZ & Attack on Titan.

Q: What made you want to start making music?

A: To be honest bro, I’m not really sure but I’ve always been into the music scene like Rock & Heavy Metal. It wasn’t until I heard Chief Keef & his tape Back From the Dead 2, that shit really made me change up my whole prerogative & perspective on rap. 

Q: We see you have quite a few tattoo’s could you tell us a little about them? 

A: Yeah, I have the Baby Angel on my hand cause I’m a Angel Boy for life. I have a shit load of other tat’s across my forearm & what not but really it’s just a bunch of art bro, my favorite tattoo spot in TOKI TATTOO in Canton, NC. I have the Vivian Westwood logo on my face because I rock with her & what she stands for heavy.

Q: Biggest Inspirations? 

A: VALEE, 10 CELLPHONES, LIL XELLY, it’s really just my friends cause we doing some big shit right now I don’t really look up to anybody big.

Q: Any upcoming projects & collabs you would like your listeners to know about?

A: I have a tape dropping called “SACRIFICES 2” produced by MAX2K10 which should be dropping in about a month, I have a few features on BigBabyGucci’s next tape & I got some stuff coming with 10 CELLPHONES & LIL XELLY.

Q: Describe how it was where you came from?

A: Where I originally came from was some suburbs type shit but we left quick because my moms was a recovering drug addict & shit so it was pretty much rough from there on out.

Q: What Streetwear Brands are you fucking with right now?

A: Right now I’m fucking with a brand out of New York called “HELLWORLD” but you know I also fuck with CDG, LOUIS, a little bit of OFF-WHITE & PALACE here & there.

Q: Did you finish school?

A: Highschool yes, College nah.

Q: You smoke tree? 

A: Hell yeah man I smoke BIG TREE. 

Q: What’s your favorite strain? 

A: Back in Maryland it’s all GREEN CRACK where I’m from but I really just love weed, bro. I smoke any type as long as it’s not mid feel me?

Q: What’s a BBYGOYARD studio session like?

A: Fun as hell because I really put my all into what I record. 

Q: What’s your best received songs out now?

A: People really rocking with that “HESITATE” produced by LIL RAMBO & that shit I’m on with BigBabyGucci “LEGENDARY GOLD STAR” that ones really going crazy.

Q: Why the name “BBYGOYARD”?

A: I didn’t even choose that name, LIL RAVEN actually chose it for me when we were chilling one day, shouts out to him!

Q: Did you fuck with the SGP & Raider Klan Era?

A: Hell yeah! Denzel Curry & Yung Simmie are some big inspirations for me rapping.

Q: :Last Question, What’s your go to munchie whenever you’re in the studio? 

A: The Jacked Buffalo Doritos & Smart Water. Always gotta stay hydrated. 


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