Los Angeles Vs. The World!

This is a JON PSYCHO Q&A, in other words a conversation with the king of horror inspired music videos in the underground right now. The 20 soon to be 21 year old is a videographer/photographer who has worked with names like, DRAKEO THE RULER, DA$H, THOUXANBANFAUNI, ATL SMOOK & much more of your favorites out now. Specializing in cinema, PSYCHO opens up to us & his supporters with each answer he provides to our well thought out questions. After finishing up the LOOSE SKREW TOUR with DA$H, PSYCHO is set to go only higher in notoriety & status as he’s the only Director out now putting that horror touch to all his visuals he films. Scroll down below to read up on what inspires JON PSYCHO, where he came from, the first thing he does when he wakes up & a handful of more personal questions shared with the young icon. 

Q: What’s your name & Where you from?

A: Jon Psycho. Originally born in Chicago but raised in Southern California. 

Q: How old are you?

A: 20. I’m about to be 21 in a few days.

Q: Top 3 Inspirations ever?

A: Quentin Tarantino & The movie American Psycho.

Q: What made you want to pick up the camera & shoot timeless videos/take timeless photos?

A: Watching horror films as a kid, making music videos for my friends, and the urge to create something I’m proud of. 

Q: How was it like for you growing up?

A: I grew up in a fairly good situation. I was mostly in my head a lot which in turn made me search for an outlet. 

Q: How would you describe your work to somebody who’s not familiar?

A: Honestly I don’t try to describe my work. I just show people to see their reactions. If they like it then they like it. I create for me though. 

Q: What do you want to achieve in 2018 that you haven’t already achieved yet?

A: Placements with bigger artists. Larger budget films so I can express myself better.  & Passion projects, which include my first short film. 

Q: How did you link with artists such as ATL SMOOK, THOUXAN, DA$H & DRAKEO THE RULER?

A: The majority of the situations were through social media. Either they hit me or I had hit them. I established relationships and friendships with them first before I started shooting.

Q: What would one have to do to be able to work with you, meaning how could an artist get their next visual shot by you?

A: Honestly in the position I’m in, I’m the one deciding whether or not I want to shoot with someone. But if they make good music I’m always willing to create with an artist. Also if they have an idea and budget, it makes the process a lot easier. 

Q: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

A: Check my messages. Smoke a cigarette. Take a shower.

Q: What would you tell your #1 fan if you’ve ever met them?

A: I would ask them questions if anything. Like about their passions and what they want to do. I honestly do that cause I’m awkward and can’t hold a conversation well so it’s the easiest thing to talk about. 

Q: Craziest thing that’s happened in your life?

Going on tour with DA$H. And spinning out on the freeway my homie slim. 

Q: Backwoods or Swishers?

A: Marijuana is a gateway drug. Next question.

Q: Favorite munchie food?

A: White cheddar cheez its and the lime cucumber Gatorade.

Q: Who’s your fav rapper out now?

ATL Smook. BobbyB. & Valee

Q: Last question, Your favorite video you’ve ever shot & why?

A: Chucky by Boofboi and Bandman because I got to really express my love for horror cinema with that one.

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