Rock Hill Vs. The World!

Yeah you read the title right! This is the legendary YUNG ICEY Q&A that we are bringing to you guys on this good ass Tuesday! Our main mans Dre met up with the iconic South Carolina producer at a tattoo shop on 6th st in Austin while at SXSW. Here YUNG ICEY is asked a handful of questions like where’s he from to the artist he now manages. If you keep up with ICEY you’d know he’s got 2 of his artists, RON $O COLD & NGEEYL record deals in the same year while at the same time producing hits after hits that run up to a million in a matter of weeks. The guy really has his work cut out for him & we couldn’t be more excited to bring you guys this piece of history in the form of a genuine conversation. Thanks to YUNG ICEY for fucking with us & we hope you guys enjoy this Q&A. Take a mintue to rock out to every song YUNG ICEY has ever produced down below. 

Q: Where you from?

A: Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Q: What was it that made you decide you wanted to become a producer?

A: I just knew I wanted to do something creative something where I can push myself. I couldn’t rap and I wanted to do something with music so I started making beats and shit and just by me watching tutorials I got more and more into and taught myself everything I know.

Q: Was there any specific type of music that made you want to start being involved with music?

A: All types of music from old to new. My family is really cultured like my moms is from Florida her people from the West Indies so it’s really in my blood. I really just love music bro.

Q: Who are some of the artist that you manage?

A: Ron$oCold, SlimeDollaz, NGeeYL. With slimedollaz and NGeeYL I try to help them out a lot and be very hands on with their careers.

Q: How many times you been out here to SXSW?

A: This my first time out here.

Q: Was SXSW what you expected before you came out here?

A: It’s hella people out here bro it’s kinda what I expected though nothing more nothing less.

Q: What’s your favorite tat?

A: I only got one but I’m about to get a new one right now.

Q: What’s the new tat about to be about?

A: It’s my producer tag ‘ICEY IM SO SICK OF YOU’

Q: Where did you get the idea for your Producer Tag?

A: I was messing with this girl and I just told her to send it though and then I later added the effects and all that to it but eventually I’m gonna get different girls to do it from different countries and stuff like that.

Q: What’s some upcoming street wear brands you fucking with right now?

A: Right now I got on that kodone (DEATHat5) I really rock with whoever rocks with me bro like whoever sends me stuff even if it’s wack I might just wear it around the crib or something.

Q: Any upcoming projects in future from Yung Icey?

A: I’m tryna drop a project sometime this year all produced by me with all my artist but I’m really just tryna focus on my artist projects now that we’re getting hit by labels and shit so were focused on well establishing. So it’s more of a process than just dropping music.

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