Kansas Vs. The World!

CORTDOT has been gaining a immense amount of notoriety due to his highlighting production with hotshot artists like LUCKI, ATL SMOOK, WARHOL.SS, TRIPPIE REDD, BBYGOYARD etc. The young producer from Wichita, Kansas gives us a brief insight of his life, who inspires him & how he feels about being UP right now! Racking over a million plays on songs like “STARSTRUCT”, “YSL”, & “DON’T YOU LOVE ME” it’s not hard to tell CORTDOT is very important to the underground community. He’s done a lot & is nowhere near to being done, read up on this rare Q&A with the rising legend & go spin some of our personal favorites from him down below!

Q: What’s your name & Where are you from?

A: cortdot, wichita ks.

Q: Why the name “Cortdot” is there any background story to it?

A: my real name is cortlin, and I felt like cortdot was pretty cool & easy — a lotta ppl still get it confused w cordot though.

Q: How old are you?

A: 21….. old asl

Q: What inspired you to become a producer?

A: i’ve always wanted to do music, i come from a musical background so i’ve been around it my whole life.  

Q: If you had to choose one program (FL, Logic, or Abelton) which one would it be & why?

A: FL — just cause that’s what I started on and I feel like you can b more creative on it.

Q: Is there anyone you look up to industry related or even family?

A: pierre bourne.

Q: Last message you sent?

A: a text to my moms.

Q: How does it feel working with hotshot artists like Lucki, Warholss, Boofboiicy, Atl Smook, BBYGOYARD etc? Have you met any of them?

A: it’s pretty cool and no I haven’t actually, not in person anyway.

Q: How many beats do you make daily?

A: it just depends, sometimes i’ll make like 6-8 beats in a day, then there’ll be times where i’ll only make like 2 beats all week.

Q: First thing you do when you wake up?

A: check my phone.

Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment ever since you started producing?

A: probably hitting my 1st mil.

Q: How would you describe your sound?

A: Drip.

Q: Favorite beat you’ve ever made & why?

A: lucki – nothing different because I feel like that beat best describes my sound.

Q: What could we all expect from you in the future?

A: i’m working on my first tape right now, and i’m also in the process of working on my brand (unavailable) so be on the look out for both of those.

Q: Favorite clothing brand out right now?

A: unavailable.

Q: Any other artist you’d like to work with throughout your career?

A: pierre, hoodrich pablo, lil dude, gunna, & valee.

Q: Last question, what are one of your long term goals in life?

A: to have myself & everybody around me eating good.

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