Sacramento Vs. The World!

[dotcomNirvan] is the rising videographer from Sacramento, California who has made an unbreakable bond with underground legends such as, WINTERTIME, 10 CELLPHONES, & JAY STORM. For those of you that didn’t know, WINTERTIME was the artist to have Nirvan pursue videography full time. Building quite an audience & portfolio, the work from Nirvan is something to leave any new viewer in awe. The 21 year old college dropout is clearly on the road to success. After gaining over a million views on videos such as “ALL THE TIME 2” by WINTERTIME & now working closely with 10 CELLPHONES it’s not hard to tell he’s next up. Nirvan gives us a deep insight of his personal life & much more on this highly-detailed Q&A that we have to share with you all today, take the time out to step into the mind of the mastermind behind the camera of your favorite music videos out now!


Q: What’s your name & Where you from?

A: My name is Nirvan Sorooshian. My internet name is DotComNirvan. I’m from Sacramento, California. 916.

Q: How’d you came up with the name “Dotcomnirvan”?

A: People have been mispronouncing my first name, Nirvan, my whole life. Which is cool, but not if you’re trying to build a brand on the internet. So I put Dotcom in front of it because it rhymes and makes my name easier to say. DotComNirvan. I really identify with it.

Q: What made you want to become a videographer?

A: I was in college and I hated it. It felt like I was wasting my potential, and that nobody there really cared about what they were doing, they just wanted to make it to the weekend. I knew I wanted to make music videos, but I didn’t have any rappers to shoot with. So I learned how to animate from YouTube tutorials. I started working on an animated music video for “All The Time 2” by Wintertime. I skipped like a month of classes working on it every single day. When it was done I sent it to Wintertime’s management, and a few hours later they told me it would be the official music video. That’s my favorite rapper of all time, it was so crazy. I dropped out of school the day the video came out, and started pursuing videography full time. Fuck it.

Q: How would you describe your videos?

A: Hopefully all my videos come across as completely different. I want every video to be its whole own universe. I want to move the viewer through the video like a Disneyland ride.

Q: Favorite video you’ve shot + why?

A: Probably “Too Busy” by 10 Cellphones. That video is just so raw and rough around the edges. It’s just real. All my favorite music videos are like that. I also love the Jay Storm “Kehlani” video. That one will always mean a lot to me. That’s like my favorite song of all time. My friend Matt and I were so geeked when Storm hit me up to do that video.

Q: You + 10Cellphones have been killing it w/ visuals lately, how did you two link in the first place?

A: After me and Storm did the Kehlani video, someone tweeted that me and 10 should do a video together. We were both with it, so I went to North Carolina and we shot “Calls” and “Too Busy.” 10 is crazy talented, he’s one of my favorite people to work with because he wants to really make something unique and he brings real ideas to the table. We have this video about to come out… I can’t say too much but I love it. He’s gonna go so far, it’s crazy. Shoutout 10.

Q: If you had to explain your work in one word what would you say?

A: Hard.

Q: How old are you?

A: 21 years yung.

Q: Any artists you want to work with in the future + why?

A: Yung Gleesh. His music is just so ridiculously hard. I know I’m gonna make it happen. Lucki. Greatest rapper alive. Chief Keef. The day I do a Sosa video is the day I can die happy.

If you had to pick one place to shoot a video where would it be + what artist would you choose for it?

Damn that’s a tough question. I’d probably shoot a video with Young Nudy and the whole time he’s walking around a big hotel suite full of naked women still asleep from the night before.

Q:Biggest Inspiration?

A: That feeling I get after I watch a Tarantino movie and walk outside and look at the sky and wonder if I’ll ever make anything half as good. It’s a feeling of despair and excitement. I live for it.

Q: Besides your videos, what’s the best music video of all time to you?

A: “Don’t You Love Me” by Lucki, Directed by Jake Osmun. Nothing comes close to me. It’s so raw. Just puts you right there with him. You really feel that shit. Every word and every sound.

Q: First thing you do when you wake up?

A: Instagram. Then straight to editing.

Q: Biggest accomplishment you’ve made this year or want to make?

A: Probably having a YouTube video with a million views on it (All the Time 2). I always wanted that since I was a kid. It’s still crazy to me. And just being able to make videos for a living. I can’t believe it happened already, I feel so lucky.

Q: What’s next for DotComNirvan?

A: Music videos and cartoons. And movies.

Q: Any shoutouts you want to give out?

A: Shoutout to Wintertime for giving me my start. Shoutout to my real friends, you know who you are. Shoutout anyone who’s ever watched one of my videos. Shoutout UsVsWorld!

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