Tucson Vs. The World!

Art has a way of expressing our deepest and darkest thoughts, the worth and portrayal of a piece leads us to many interpretations of the artist themselves. Truly raw and moving work will leave the exposition up in the air for the audience to speculate over. Sergio Peraza, a hard working and multifaceted artist coming out of Tucson, Arizona is an expert at this. His ability to express himself on the page through the use of many different mediums is a key skill only select artists are capable of. Whether he’s demonstrating through paint, pastel, or simply drawing we always get an in depth look into his mind and emotions. The exquisite detail he uses and array of techniques puts him into a spectrum of his own. He can bounce around from different styles of art whether it be surrealism to impressionism, he always adds his idiosyncratic character to his pieces. It’s time to give him the credit he deserves and to show his work some real love. He’s capable of any task and has gone far too long without getting some appreciation. I can not stress enough how versatile he is at his craft and his consistent ability to put out exceptional artwork. He’s really in his bag, I’ll just let his work do the rest of the talking…

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