Los Angeles Vs. The World!

In a time where everybody is so hungry for visual content, there are few and far between who can actually deliver visuals that resonate with the audience. There is one in particular who’s name is holding significant weight over the rest, he’s made his way onto our pages consistently and is rightfully deserving of that. That man is Jon Psycho, his work has put him into an entirely new level than his peers. This creative piece is long overdue, we got to sit down and chop it up with him but never dove deeper into his work specifically like this. His videos are influenced heavily by horror but he’s proven himself to be capable of tackling anything that crosses his path. There are many examples that set him apart from the rest, he pays an exceptional amount of attention to detail and if you openly invest yourself while viewing his shots you’ll notice this. There’s always a method to the madness, every shot has a reason behind it and is set up precisely how he forecasts. He’s undeniably talented in that aspect, he has a vision every single time he picks up the camera and he executes perfectly. You can’t put Psycho in a box, he does it all, with in everything he does he makes it a point that his audience will feel something. No matter what piece he’s got in the works whether it’s a music video, lifestyle video, or photography he always brings the heat. It’s never anything less than a thrilling and lively experience for the viewers, he genuinely knows how to reach them. He never ceases to amaze us and continually inducts graphic imagery all across the board, regardless of the type of media. You’re assured to have chills run down your spine and get goosebumps while observing his masterpieces. His track record of acts he’s worked with include some noteworthy names as well. The list is long but some samples are ATL Smook, Drakeo The Ruler, Da$h, Thouxanbanfauni, and a whole lot more.  We’ve already covered damn near everything thing he’s got out but here’s some of his work displaying his versatileness! 

WAIT A MINUTE! Y’all probably thought that was it, nah he still has more going for him. Aside from all the visual arts he just dropped off some insane merch for us! He’s the definition of a creative, the way he carries himself and expresses himself through multiple forms of art is mind blowing. He keeps it simple yet effective only putting out a single design in black and white, it’s up to you which one you’re about to cop. Most people try to shift from their craft into something else but he proves he can do whatever he sets his mind to with this drop, that’s a fact. Go grab that while you can, it’s about to sell out ASAP! Psycho’s really out here doing his thing.


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