Orlando Vs. The World!

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with one of the most prestigious Art Directors doing it right now, Trapghanistan. These days he stays out in Los Angeles but originally came out of Orlando, Florida. At just the age of 21 he has surpassed many in his field who have been working for years at their craft. He is capable of accomplishing any body of work and has a creative vision that is matched by few, if any. For starters he has recently been working with ASAP Rocky on a few pieces, but has an outstandingly long list of clients that will leave any person in awe. From photography to design, all his work is superior and showcases his unmatched creative ability. The rest of this year holds a lot of surprises and huge ventures for him, I got a chance to ask him about a select few. See for yourself below.


Q: Who are you and where are you from?

A: I’m Trapghanistan, 21. From Orlando, Florida.

Q: How’d you come up with the name trapghanistan?

A: It’s been my name for like 5 or 6 years now. I always listened to trap music (ATL) & I used to play hella call of duty when I was a kid always loved the look for the Afghanistan maps. So I put both together and my friends fucked with the name and it’s stuck ever since.

Q: Explain what an Art Director is, for those that don’t know.

 A: An Art Director is the person responsible for overseeing the artistic aspects of a company/ brand or artist.

Q: What puts you in a higher spectrum than other people doing Art Direction right now?

A: I got signed before 21 to Alamo / 1017 Eskimo /interscope records .. I’ve already worked with half of everyone’s favorite artists.

Q: Run me through everybody you’ve worked with.

 A: Lil wop,  Gucci Mane, Complexcon, Lil baby, ASAP Mob, Lil Wayne, 40oz Van, YesJulz, Rich The Kid, Playboi Carti, Smokepurrp, Kodak Black, Ski Mask The Slump God, GhostMane, Distorted, Mackned, Trippie Redd, UnoTheActivist, ThouxanbanFauni, XXXTENTACION, Wifisfuneral, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Robert Gallardo, AWOL Erizuki, LVCID, Ian Connor, Team Sesh, Richy Samo, Yung Simmie, Otown Marco, Danny Towers, Vinny Virgo, KidWay, Grownboi Trap, Famous Dex, Richie Souf, Softest Hard, Akhil Sesh, Tommy Swisher, Alamo Records, and Republic Records.

Q: You weren’t lying, that really is everybody’s favorite artists. Out of that huge list, who were your top 3 favorite clients?


Q: Are you still actively working on AWGE?

A: I am. Shout out to Flacko & Gallardo they making the future right now.

Q: I know you’re a great photographer, is that your favorite form of art?

A: Thank you, yes it is to be honest. Sadly I was robbed for my camera recently but once I get a camera, I’m back at shooting. I’ve shot a lot of people, I love freezing time.

Q: I’m sorry to hear about that, I hope you get back on it soon. What are your favorite images you’ve captured so far?

A: Ski mask / Carti / Ian / Tracy

Q: So you got an art gallery next week, let the people know how to go and support you.

A: Hell yeah thank you!! It’s called the RedRoom I’ll be there with @lovelucyford. On May 27th from 5-8 P.M, 2234 W. Temple St. in Los Angeles.

Q: Pull up at this if you’re in LA! Who’re some people you look up to or that have influenced you?

A: Gallardo / Basquiat / Warhol / CDTHETEAM / @MKBLVCREATES / @Unkleluc

Q: You’re moving to Texas soon too. What’re you doing out there?

A: Don’t want to spoil that surprise shout out to my manager, Megan Elle, she making big moves for me.

Q; Understandable. I’m sure whatever it is you’re going to kill it. What can you tell anybody doing art that’s trying to make it out here?

A: Just do it every day til them bags hit, don’t give up, make it a lifestyle, and find the real fans then build.

Q: Absolutely. Appreciate you talking with me and wish you luck in everything to come.

A: Thank you so much for the opportunity let’s do more shit this year. I fuck with the whole brand y’all going up this year much love!!

Make sure to stay in tune with Trapghanistan and check out more of his work in the links below!

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