Phoenix Vs. The World!

1810 North Scottsdale Road, Tempe, Arizona

Wang’s Closet is a Buy-Sell-Trade clothing store specializing in streetwear and vintage located in Tempe, Arizona. About a week ago I got to have an in-depth conversation with one of the owners, Justin. We had a great talk and he went over the general overview of how Wang’s came to be what it is today. He masters in the business side of the store, while Nate (Wang) the other owner, works closely with the hustling of the clothes. 

Wang’s Closet has only officially been open for a little over a year but they have covered an immense amount of ground already. It all started with the simple idea of flipping clothes and they ran a 100-yard dash with it. Starting with close to nothing, they had legitimately a closet size inventory. They had a small designated section in Nate’s dad’s vintage store which they now own completely and remodeled to fit their aesthetic. As time went on Instagram became their biggest source for marketing. Their friend Anthony put consistent work in day in and day out posting pictures of the items for sale, boosting their following incredibly. Since then there has been no looking back and Wang’s has taken over, becoming one of Phoenix’s top spots for all your fashion necessities.

The store’s layout is anybody who’s into fashions dream. There are racks on top of racks of clothes ranging from vintage rap/band tees, Supreme, Bape, FTP, Palace, vintage jersey’s, just about everything you could imagine. The back wall consists of all their shoes and they really have it all. Jordan’s, Nike’s, Yeezy’s, Adidas, Revenge X Storm, that’s only to name a few.

The way that all of the employees carry themselves is respectable and the hustle that they all share is what has brought them this far. The whole staff keeps it real and truly tries to make a connection with the customers, they never give off the vibe that they’re trying to pressure you into buying something. They treat the customers like friends and that’s what it’s all about. You feel at home when you enter Wang’s like you just pulled up at your gang’s house to kick it. Not to mention every employee is adept in the knowledge of what they’re selling. Having this type of integrity is what separates a lasting movement from one that is short-lived. Wang’s is coming nowhere near having a short life, this shop is here to stay.

There’s a lot of big things upcoming for the store, they continue to grow every single day. Expansion is inevitable at this point with the way everything has been moving. They’ll always keep the Tempe store as headquarters but expect to see Wang’s Closet in many different states in the coming years. Even if you don’t live out in the Phoenix area you still can cop some garments from their web store below! Follow their Instagram too and see what pieces they’re moving day to day!


  1. azthread is definitely the essential spot, wangs taxes on everything & employes a bunch of socially awkward losers


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