Atlanta Vs. The World!

One of the most slept on brands coming out of Atlanta is Klan Life Clothing. They’ve been representing the Atlanta scene since 2014 and have stressed the importance of brotherhood. They strive to bring people together regardless of their differences and stand as an outlet for individuals to express themselves. The work this brand has put in does not go unnoticed, they built some strong relationships with some well recognized faces. Some examples are UnoTheActivist, Thouxanbanfauni, Swaghollywood, and Playboi Carti. These connections were all made at the beginning of all their careers and have stuck ever since. The brand itself is multifaceted, every drop holds something new and unique. They can produce everything from sweatsuits to custom flannels, don’t doubt their abilities when it comes to fashion. 

The latest collection is called Playground Stories, that is what is currently up on their site. It consists of tees, sweats, hoodies, shorts, flannels. All worn by some of your favorite Atlanta artists. Klan Life is more than just a clothing brand they’re in tune with music as much as they are clothes. The way they’ve made lasting relationships with artists is significantly shaping their image and pushing them to new limits. The fact that everything is organic and the cosigns they’ve gotten are genuine gives them that much extra of a boost as well. Stand up and join the movement today.


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