Marana, Arizona Vs. The World!

In streetwear you really have to be doing something contrasting to stand out. The orginality and hustle of the brand both play huge roles in whether it will succeed or not. The 1-Off  Project  is one that is doing something nobody else is right now. They’re coming right out of north Tucson, Arizona from Marana too!

The 1-Off Project is a brand like no other that is focused directly on making the wearer feel unique. There is no piece alike. every one is special in it’s own way. The creator of the movement, Billionairy, came up with the great idea to recycle shirts and turn them into something new that nobody has. We’ve all been to thrift shops before and know that you can find some crazy garments in there. Billionairy has gone above and beyond by not only finding them but creating something fresh as well. The concept of Last One Left ties with the  idea that not a single shirt is the same. This brand is for the people, it makes them feel distinct based on the fact every product is 1 of 1! 

Just last weekend he had a 2-day pop-up at Nowadays Creative Lab in Tempe, Arizona. If you need to hold a pop shop in Phoenix or get anything printed, Nowadays is that spot! Billionairy was printing and spray painting shirts on site one by one for each person. That’s real effort to put in and emphasizes that he practices what he preaches. The only way to move is to be genuine and he’s got that down. Go check the Instagrams and get with the project!

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