UVTW Presents: The JAY DANZA Q&A

Charlotte Vs. The World!

Javonn “Jay” Danza, A.K.A. “LIL FUKK UP” is the creator and mastermind behind Us Vs. The World and one of the new supreme gatekeepers of the underground. From his hometown roots in Charlotte all the way to Broward County, Florida and California Jay Danza is at the forefront of the underground scene executing moves to bring his vision to life. His work ethic is unmatched and now it’s time for you to get to know the man behind the movement! 

Q: Where are you from?

A: I’d like to say I’m basically from the south but to be more specific, I was raised in Hampton/Newport News, Virginia and Charlotte from elementary until middle school. Then I finished all of high school in Broward County, Florida. 

Q: What made you want to start Us Vs. The World?

A: My life was going nowhere I wanted something to fully keep me occupied. I also didn’t like that Charlotte artists weren’t getting enough attention. So I decided to fully recognize Charlotte’s talent within this platform alongside the co-founder and my bro Cole Klapheke! We first talked out a whole plan and then the rest is history!

Q: What’s your connection to Charlotte?

A: I grew up in Charlotte from 5th grade until 8th grade summer. Throughout those years I met a handful of people who have sort of made me who I am today. Even though I’m not physically in Charlotte anymore I’m still a well known name there, almost every artist who’s booming right now from there I grew up with.

Q: Describe a little bit of what it’s like being in charge of a team of so many people? What are some of the challenges in doing so and what are some of the rewards of it?

A: I wouldn’t say I’m in charge of people, they all my brothers frfr without them there wouldn’t be an Us Vs. The World platform that the underground has came to really respect and appreciate.

Q: How did you get involved with music/the underground scene?

A: I started rapping at a young age maybe 11 or 12 with my cousin “Sleep” and others. I was okay at it but deep down I knew rapping wasn’t for me. I always had an ear for music that wasn’t really recognized and everyone around me that made music was extremely good at it, so I realized I didn’t have to be a rapper in order to be involved in something I was passionate about. Long story short I began semi-managing artists and really getting introduced to more and more fye artists by the day which made me want to expand my roads of interest in the underground.

Q: What do you think is the best thing about the underground rap industry and what do you think is the worst thing about it?

A: The best thing about the underground is that there will never be an end to it. New raw talent is discovered every day and who doesn’t like listening to a new artist who makes music that’s extremely satisfying to your ears?! The worst thing are the backpacking people and the unoriginals, be yourself in this industry there’s nothing worse than riding someone’s wave.

Q: If you had to pick a city filled with some of your favorite artists besides Charlotte, what city would it be and who are some of the artists within that city that you are partial to?

A: Tacoma, Washington (ILLFIGHTYOU, Glenn, UGLYFRANK, Khris P) these guys don’t really drop music like that but they are something serious. Definitely a collective to keep a very close eye on. 

Q: Favorite clothing brands at the moment? 

A: When I’m 100% on I need my whole closet full of FELT. Next would be FTP and after that is Cruwelf. 

Q: Was there ever a time in your life and the development of UVTW where you just wanted to throw in the towel and quit? What was that like? And what made you ultimately stay and push forward? 

A: There has definitely been multiple times like that, I’ve went through a lot of problems when I first moved to Cali, not to mention I lost one of my best friends Adam and then my other close friend Destro so that had me extremely down and out for a very long period of time. During that time I really reflected on my entire life and where it was going I knew this platform could be a start to something extremely rewarding in the near future. What really made me stay and push forward was my girlfriend Daisy, she motivates me every day and is really the first person to fully believe in me, if it wasn’t for her and my team I probably wouldn’t even be doing this Q&A right now.

Q: You get a ticket to travel overseas, first place you’re going?

A: Cuba.

Q: Entrepreneurs that you look up to?

A: Cole Bennett. 

Q: One deceased artist you could bring back to life? 

A: Biggie.

Q: Favorite video games growing up?

A: This is a real good question right here. I’d have to say GTA III, Sonic The Hedgehog, Def Jam Fight For NY, and Ratchet and Clank. I got so many more I used to be heavy on the games but not so much anymore. 

Q: Top 3 Lucki Songs?

A: “Dirty Demons” has to be my most favorite. But there’s also “Lowlife” and “Jigga in ’98.” Honestly every Lucki song is my favorite he one of the goats fr. 

Q: Favorite movie of all time? 

A: Belly.

Q: Should artists put their music on major streaming services compared to Soundcloud or both?

A: Artists should definitely have their music available for any and every listener on all platforms. It’s important to expand your audience there’s people who only have Spotify or Apple Music and then there’s some who can’t afford that so they stick with Soundcloud so just be thoughtful to all of your listeners preferences it could really boost your fan base. 

Q: Who are the 3 most slept on producers right now? 

A: My bro Lux, Groveside, and Antwon Carrera. 

Q: What’s your dream whip?

A: I ain’t really big on cars but shit Ima have to say something foreign forsure, Bentley Coupe. 

Q: Where do you see Charlotte within the next two years?

A: Charlotte is seriously growing more and more by the day. It’s so many fye artists like 10Cellphones, Ron$oCold, 006Set, Jay Storm and more really making way for the city now and in 2 years Charlotte will be a household name to the entire industry. 

Q: Future aspirations/goals? 

A: I want to be able to quit both my jobs and work full-time on Us Vs. The World. Become an official A&R, and go on tour with my whole gang! 

Q: What’s next after this show in June?

A: I’m not the type to let everyone know what I got going on besides gang and my close family I guess y’all will just have to find out. Only thing I’ll say is it’s going to be a very productive/wild summer. 

Q: Who are some people that inspire and motivate you?

A: My pops forsure he’s always behind anything I do. My whole team of UVTW we all push ourselves to go harder each day that’s inspiring as fuck fr. My girl she always knows how to uplift my spirits even when shit ain’t going good. And A$AP Yams. Long Live Yams!

Q: What would you tell your 16 year old self today? 

A: Being cool won’t mean shit when you’re out of high school. Make a way for yourself now you’ll thank me later. 

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