Chicago + Los Angeles Vs. The World!

I was given the opportunity to speak with Goth Money Records affiliate, YSB OG. Most recognize him as Kane Grocerys, one of the most significant names in the underground over the course of the past five years. Kane has put out an endless amount of hits and just recently dropped his latest project “Pardon My Back”, which we discussed a bit. He’s also known for collaborating with some of the hottest artists and producers in the game. We spoke on everything from what the future holds to his favorite clothing brands. Check it out below! 

Q: Who are you and where are you from?

A: YSB OG A.K.A Kane Grocerys. From Chicago & LA, grew up in Chicago went to high school in LA.

Q: How’d you get acquainted with the rest of goth money?

A: So I met Black Kray back in 2012 and he came to me with the idea of Goth Money and he wanted me to be a part of it..  I said fuck it I was rapping at the time already working on my very first mixtape so why not be a part of a team and I fuck with Black Kray that’s my brother from another ya hear me. After that we eventually all met in New York 2014.

Q: You’ve really been in this for years, you’re a veteran at this point. Out of your extended discography who are your top 3 favorite artists you’ve worked with that aren’t part of Goth money?

A: Shoreline mafia / ASAP Ant / K$upreme

I Fuck with everybody though, shout out my camp too. YSB we got big dogs over there.

Q: What about top 3 producers?

A: Xangang / Working on dying / Rob Surreal

Q: You got songs with all of them on “Pardon My Back”, what’s your favorite song off the tape?

A: Probably “Pressure” or “Loner”.

Q: You got Trap Goth 2 on the way too, when’s that coming out?

A: Real soon man.. Summer for sure, not gon say a specific date.

Q: I know I’m looking forward to it, can you let us in on any collaborations on the project?

A: Got Sickboyrari on the tape, YSB members Wahlioochi and Varre, my boy Ruemaneli and yngx dior .. production wise I got DJ Kenn Rojas, Working On Dying, Xangang, 12MillionGlo..

Q: What are your 3 of your favorite films?

A: Friday / Belly / Menace 2 Society

Q: Those are some classics, who are you going to if you need a video done?

A: Shit bro right now I got in house shooters as well nobody major. I really be random when it comes to who I want to shoot a video for me. 99% of my videos were no budget.

Q: That’s real you just let them come to you, Cavs or Warriors?

A: Warriors! All the way game 6.

Q: Favorite clothing brand right now and all time?

A: FTP & Vlone. Wouldn’t say I got a specific all-time favorite clothing brand I like a lot of shit.

Q: What’s your go-to spot to eat at in your cities?

A: I fuck with Uncle Remus in Chicago and Jimanos Pizza or Mikes Pizza in Waukegan, North Chicago area. In LA I fuck wit Simply D’licious Comfort LA.

Q: What’s the best place you’ve visited so far?

A: Paris & Switzerland. Had my 21st birth day in Amsterdam.

Q: You need a cover art or flyer done, what artist are you hitting up?

A: Shit mane I got some in-house graphic designers I be fucking with. Shout out Stevie Franchise, golden_plx, and Trxntt.

Q: What else do you got in store for the fans this summer?

A: Look out for the gang YSB we getting greazy all summer 2018. Most def doing more shows and probably release some exclusive merch for the fans out there.

Q: Keep your eyes open YSB is going up this summer! You’ve been independent your whole career, can you offer any advice to artists who’ve chosen to take the same route as you.

A: Hard work pays off, you put in the work & you will receive what you deserve. Not everyone gets a spotlight so you got to know what to do when it’s your time to shine. Never let anybody tell you how to be you.

Q: You’re a prime example that that’s all true, I respect how you’ve always stayed solid to yourself. you got anybody you want to shout out before we wrap this up?

A: Shout out the gang YSB OTF, my girl, my OG and free foe nem out the jam long live all the kings and queens.

Q: No doubt I appreciate your time and stay safe out there!

A: Thanks bruh off top you already snow.



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