Minneapolis Vs. The World!

 Living in a world filled of those who claim the title of ‘artist’ , few and far between do we find those artist that capture us with their drawings and really make the mind wonder. Offering pure originality and pushing past the social norms are other keys into becoming a favorite in this art world.  and a true artist that goes by PapaYoungVision, does just that.

Coming out of Minneapolis Minnesota , PapaYoungVision is running this art world, literally! You can catch him on numerous occasions sprinting in photos. This movement he shows matches the vibrancy given off in all of his artwork.

With his art, PapaYoungvision  lets you in to parts of his mind when you look at the masterpieces he creates. His art is emotion provoking and sits calmly in a category of its own. When it comes to “expressionism” The artist has his own way of showing you how to feel. Providing a full range of colors, characters, emotions, and pure artistic excellence, PapaYoungVision is an artist that can’t be denied. Check out more of his work here and try to catch up to Minnesota’s running man.

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