Dallas, Texas Vs. The World!

There aren’t many artists today who make it solely off of talent and being genuine. Icebirds is an artist coming out of the heart of The Lone Star state who is keeping everything organic. He’s been putting out music for less than a year and has already proven an outstanding work ethic. All his fans find him legitimately without any extra promotion, he just lets them come to him. When the music is good that’s all it takes and he certainly has some quality content. We recently chopped it up about topics such as his music, IceWater, and the NBA. Make sure to read up below:

Q: Who are you and where are you from?

A: IceBirds , Yung IceBirds. I’m Dallas, Texas but born in St. Louis, Missouri.

Q: When did you start to make music?

A: I started last year like 10 months ago. I been making songs but I ain’t never release them til then.

Q: You’ve already got a project out and a grip of singles, tell us about them.

A: My project was just something I wanted to put out there to everybody. I worked it for a minute, to put together something solid. “Livin Too Fast”, “Fake & Fraud”, and “Blowin Up” is what made me release a project. I felt like those were some of my best.

Q: You always have quality work, what’s the latest music you’ve put out?

A: I just put out three songs in the last month. “Wakanda”, “They Know” & the latest “All About A Dollar”.

Q: You’re working. Who’re your go-to producers?

A: Right now, my go-to is TairofrmTaiwan. I also do a lot with Tash & EQMadeit

Q: What is IceWater gang?

A: A group my brother IceWater Sparrow started way back. A group of bros, all artist. We all individuals but still come together as a group

Q: Shout them all out for us.

A: IceWater Sparrow, Diego , Myself, Bando, 44oakboy , Toni Ice & Chewla.

Q: Those are the main artists you collaborate with, right?

A: Yeah definitely.

Q: Who’ve been your biggest influences?

A: In my sound?

Q: In general. Anybody you listened to growing up, all that.

A: I liked Migos (the older music) , Chief Keef, Diego , shit listened to Cash Money like Wayne and Juvenile, Soulja Boy. It’s a lot.

Q: You got your own sound though, what do you have in the works right now?

A: Right now… I’m working on a joint project with Bando, coming real soon. I’m still pushing my first one, “The IceBirds Project”. So I’m just releasing single tracks right now, videos too.

Q: Go get on that if you haven’t already, who’s your favorite shooter?

A: I don’t too much have a favorite but right now I’m fucking with my guys VisbyBwoods & Jack Sadlers from Dallas.

Q: Is there anybody outside of IceWater you’re trying to work with?

A: I wanna work with anybody who wanna work with me. People be caught up in egos these days. They’ll listen to you every day and you’ll never know

Q: What’s the rest of the summer hold for you?

A: Just dropping heat. Tryna get that hit all year round.

Q: What’s your favorite spot to eat at in your city?

A: I be smashing at Cheddars and Rudy’s.

Q: What’s the best place you’ve performed at so far?

A: Observatory Santa Ana always lit. I ain’t been too many places yet but it’s coming.

Q: What’s your favorite NBA team?

A: I don’t got a favorite right now but I’m rocking with the Cavs. All time favorite Michael Jordan and the Bulls.

Q: Who’s better Lebron or Jordan?

A: I can’t even choose. They too cold in different ways.

Q: Fair enough, what’re your top 3 favorite films?

A: I’m not too big on movies and TV. I never watched a lot of that.

Q: What’re your top 5 albums of all time?

A: Lil Wayne / Carter 2

Juvenile / 400 degrees

Michael Jackson / Off The Wall

Drake/ So Far Gone

Them just a couple I like, not all time.

Q: Where’s one place you want to travel to?

A: Wherever that check take me.

Q: Any last shout outs you want to give?

A: Shout out to y’all.

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