Charlotte, North Carolina Vs. The World! 

Jaeden Drew is a VHS videographer. Recently, he’s been pivotal in everything that is apart of Charlotte’s underground movement. Within last few weeks we coordinated getting an exclusive look into the creative’s life and his plans. We caught up with Jaeden at a recent underground show and got him to talk about his upbringing, shooting VHS footage, personal life and more. —

Q: What do people need to know about you?

A : I’m about business if you don’t want to help get out the way, we got to push forward.

Q:  How did you link with your manager?

A:  We linked up at a party and figured out we had the same name, we been homies since then. —

Q: So, then how did you start shooting VHS?

A: My guy Tay Tesla introduced me to the idea, I just stuck with it, it felt really natural. 

Q: Any advice for young kids coming up wanting to do what you’re doing?

A: Take the leap of faith, go as many places and meet as many people as possible. 

Q: 100%, How did you end up in Charlotte?

A: I’m from Arizona originally. One move didn’t work, then I went to Miami, to Tampa, then came to Charlotte on some random shit.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: I want to have Atlanta, like I have Charlotte. Then Los Angeles, Houston and last I want to go to New York and just change the landscape. Between now and then I want to put my friends on. 

Q: What makes shooting VHS worth the critique?

A: To me, seeing someone who’s coming up, then they see me shoot their persona and they fuck with it. The connection of people.  

Q: Will you tell the world what is going on in Charlotte?

A: Solidifying ourselves in the past four or five months as a creative city and people starting to ask about us instead of the other markets, we finally got our spotlight, it’s small but it’s growing.

Q: Alright bet, so we’re on the same page. Wait— The ladies, can you speak on them?

A: I’m all over with the love, trying to make the right moves. 

Q: For sure, we appreciate the insight. How did you get tied in with Usversusworld?

A: Aaron went to Atlanta, we went and linked with Andy Schenk and Isaiah, then from there I stayed in touch and recently I’ve been contacted with Dylan. Everybody there really making things pop for the underground right now.

 — For the last few months Jaeden Drew has been everywhere, making as many movements as possible. The plot is out, within the next few months Jaeden is sure to be one of the most pivotal videographers in the underground.

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