Raleigh, North Carolina Vs. The World!

 Lost Appeal is a multi-purpose brand based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Their buzz has been building for a while now and it was necessary to get a minute with the person behind it. We got the opportunity to speak with Andrew from Lost Appeal about the brand, his consistency, and how that’s influencing not only the future of Lost Appeal, but the underground as a whole.

Q: — For those that may not know, can you tell them about yourself?

A: My name is Andrew, I operate and own the clothing brand/label/management company Lost Appeal.

Q: Where you from originally?

A: Originally I’m from Raleigh, but l’ve lived in the country about 30 minutes out from Raleigh for like the past 15 years.

Q: How’s everything been that way recently?

A: Everything’s been pretty good lately, been working on a bunch of new clothes that I plan to drop in the next few months. Luve is about to finish up his new album “Heathen” too which we have been working/plotting on since January, really excited for everyone to hear that, it is definitely his best and most experimental project yet. I also started managing my friend Ghostie from the group Anti-World, so me, luve, ghostie got a lot of shows & music in the works. We’ll be checking into them!

Q: So, you came up moving through Raleigh, then you went to Richmond, Virginia. What changed for you in Richmond?

A: I really just started going to Richmond in like 2014 after I turned 18 to get tattoos. There are a ton of great artists there, and through doing that I met a lot of good people and discovered the scene there. Shoutout to Kray, Hunned Mill, Karmah, Lil Percy, Trashcat, Cron, Poozy, False Prpht, Yung Flex, Chay, Rahim, Bleach, Salad, Hooligan Records and everyone else I’ve met up there.

Q: Can you tell us your perspective on Virginia & North Carolina’s movements recently?

A: Richmond has been killing shit for a while, I just don’t think most people realize how many good artists live and make music there. And North Carolina has also been going crazy the past two years, and I feel like we are finally starting to get the exposure that we deserve. I do want to see Richmond and NC artists working together and doing more shows though.

Q: How did you get into management?

A: Well, I started lost appeal (as far as the clothing side of it) in 2015 and for my first 2 shirts I made like 200 of each and had no fan base. I’ve always fucked with the underground scene, so I started going to more and more shows and meeting people and sending shirts to artists that I like. I did my first popup shop at a show in September 2015 at a JK the Reaper show (shoutout to David Wept) and it went really well. Then January 1st 2016, I booked my first show in Richmond with Black Kray, Karmah, Wifigawd, Yung Bruh, Badmon Benz and False prpht/poozy. I was nervous as hell about that show thinking no one would show up, but it ended up selling out. Fast forward a few months later and I had done a few others shows and I wanted to start managing/helping out artists that I fucked with. I met Luve late 2016, and we’ve been killing shit ever since then.

Q: Which artist’s you been listening to most?

A: Pusha T’s new album, Luve, Mutant Joe, Ghostie, Eric North, Sybyr, Leon’s Wolf, Ego Mackey, Jimmy V, all of Anti World really. Five Finger posse, Yvncc, Bigbabygucci and James Gorczyca!

Q: Your company— Lost Appeal, has been growing. How do you balance management and still supply the demand for Lost Appeal?

A: Man it’s hard. I work two day jobs too so it’s always a struggle. I haven’t really been releasing clothes as often as I want to, but that’s going to change real soon.

Q: For sure— can you explain how Lost Appeal started?

A: Lost Appeal originally was an experimental noise project that I started in 2011. I put out a bunch of physical tapes/cds under that name. Then in 2014 I wanted to start making clothes so I continued using that name, because I fuck with it hard. Do you drop more exclusive releases or highly stocked capsules? Everything I drop is super limited, usually only make like 30-40 of each tee. I’ve only done 2 designs that I ever restocked I think.

Q: What’s next from Lost Appeal?

A: A collection, some clothing collabs with some brands/artists I fuck with, new album from LUVELOVESYOU, and a lot more shows.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the industry in five years?

A: I don’t even wanna be in the industry really, I just want lost appeal to have a cult following and hopefully it pays my bills, as long as my bills are paid and I’m creating shit/traveling then I don’t care about getting rich.

Q: You got any advice to creatives that are trying to learn from your work?

A: Just do what you want, and don’t try to force shit or follow trends.

Andrew is bringing underground movements together. He’s running things his way and that has gained respect for Lost Appeal and the creatives he is managing. Be sure to plug in with Lost Appeal at lostappeal.com

Note from the writer: “Death Can Try”

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