ATL Vs. The World!

Growing up in Venezuela and now residing in Atlanta, DEADPICASSO is one of the youngest and most talented 18-year-olds running the ATL scene. With his vibrant style of photography/filmmaking, his unique prospect on his art, and artists like YUNG BANS,  NESSLY, 6 DOGS, and PLAYBOICARTI under his belt, DEADPICASSO is definitely someone you should be on the lookout for. keep scrolling to see our chat with him about Pokemon, moving to America, and the process of making the “6 DOGS – OK” music video that has racked up over 600k views on YouTube.

Q. So where are you from?

A. I grew up in Spain and Venezuela, I spent half of my life in Venezuela living with my mom and grandparents then I moved to the US.

Q.  What was your upbringing like?

A.  Growing up was pretty hard and confusing. We moved around a lot and my parents were never together. I lived with my mom most of the time. Surprisingly my dad was still there for both of us and he always calls and checks up on me when I was in Spain and when he was in the United States.

Q. What was it like moving to America?

A. It was really weird even tho I used to visit a lot since my dad is American. It was really fun to come with family as a kid until I actually moved here, that’s when everything changed. It wasn’t like what I thought it was when I used to come during vacations. It was really hard at first because I didn’t speak any English since I only lived in Spanish-speaking countries, because of that it made it really hard for me to have friends. No one fucked with me, I was ugly as shit, and I dressed really badly too. I was very lost, I was on my own, and I was really depressed and the world felt like a really dark place because I had no friends or family around me, and I was alone. However, it all got better with time and here I am now.

Q. What got you into videography/photography and which one did you start first?

A. Living in different places and being around lots of different people made me learn lots of different things. I remember as a kid I would sneak into my uncle’s room and steal all his cool music and photos off of his computer, and through doing that it gave me an interest in the arts and music. I remember telling my dad I was interested in cameras and both my dad and my grandfather were into photography so it influenced me a lot. Eventually, my dad gave me a GoPro to take pictures with and I began taking pictures and started making super corny videos and I remember I would try to get insane shots with my camera and post it on Facebook and I would get a ton of likes and shares on it so I decided to start taking things seriously. 

Q. Who are some of your favorite people to shoot?

A. Pretty much all the homies, to be honest. I enjoy creating with the people that you see me post on my Instagram feed. I try to keep the people I always shoot with exclusive and they’re usually my close friends.

Q. What do you listen to when you edit?

A. It really depends on how i’m feeling I be listening to SAHBABII and DWN2EARTH heavy as fuck when I edit just because it keeps me focused and keeps my high nice while I’m editing.

Q. So the 6DOGS – OK music video has racked up over 600k views on YouTube can you give us a little bit of insight on the process? 

A. The process of making that video was hilarious not even gonna cap. I remember that day so well but it was at the beginning of the year and I was supposed to hang out with my friend ARLAINA, and she pulls up with 6 DOGS and they called me telling me they were close but I was eating, so they had to wait for me to finish eating. So then I finished and went outside just to talk to them and 6 dogs told me he was trying to make a music video, I accepted it because I was feeling productive, and I got my camera and we just started filming around and inside my apartments. I remembered that we managed to shoot the entire video in 5-6 hours and then I spent the rest of the day editing it. It worked so well and it was so random it also matched the song somehow. But the one thing I learned from that day was that if I was feeling motivated I can do things very fast and If i’m working with the right person.


Q. What is your favorite Pokemon?

A. Shiny Haunter, finna get it tatted.

Q. Who are some of your inspirations or who do you draw inspiration from?

A. Inspiration? It’s weird with me because when it comes to inspiration I really don’t have any photographer or filmmaker I can mention Because I pretty much get inspired with music, moments, and the way I feel. I’m really weird when it comes to that but i’ve been trying to look up different ways to get inspired.

Q. What are some of your hobbies or things you’re doing when you’re not shooting

A. I love painting and drawing, I also really love designing stuff. I always try to keep creating or learning something that i’m interested in so I can know how to do shit in the future. I also love making music by making beats or DJing. 

Q. Does that mean that we’ll see a “PROD. DEADPICASSO” in the near future?

A. Hopefully I can get my shit together and start to make songs and when I start releasing songs i’m definitely going to work on merch, nothing corny tho, but I wanna make something I would be able to wear and also other’s too so that’s gonna be a process.

Q. Who are some of the people that you want to work with in the future?

A. I have a big list of people who I wanna work with in the future like PHOENIX (JOY_DIVIZN), IAN CONNOR, LIL YACHTY , CHARLI XCX , TRACY, and DUWAP KAINE. I would really love to take portraits or just work with them in anyway possible, but I like to let everything happen naturally you know? I don’t like having to approach an artist or message that person a lot so they can fuck with me. I always try to get to be friends with them… like meet them, and be genuinely cool with them so I can keep shooting with them consistently. If I don’t fuck with the way you are and the way you act. I’m not gonna fuck with you, like it doesn’t matter if you got hella clout or not. I’m not gonna fuck with that person. So yeah I try to build confidence and show that i’m not just trying to take pictures.

Q. What do you have to say to anyone who wants to pick up photography/videography

A. All  got to say is keep your head up, don’t let anyone change the way you are or the way your art is, don’t copy other artists. TRY TO BE DIFFERENT IN A GOOD WAY. Be yourself kids, everything is possible and if you work hard for it you’ll get it. I might not be famous or anything yet but believe that hard work pays off. You always gotta be positive and try to find a good side of anything that happens to you. This all really depends on the person you are, just worry about your image and content. Try to always be the best but never be greedy or flex about it. Be the nicest person you can and try to have a purpose on your work and inspire people, mostly young artists, and people who’re struggling with finding themselves.

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  1. DeadPicasso seems like the nicest and most sweetest person on earth. Love what your doing🙌


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