Miami Vs. The World!

Art has no limits nor guidelines & when someone is gifted to create masterpieces it’ll be profound in their work from the very start. Making way with a distinct eye for abstractions & satirical portraits is Miami’s talented ETHAN PUNAL. Ethan has made his presence to the underground & the public’s eye an important presence as he brings us captivating pieces with names that range from rappers, cartoon characters to movie stars. Breaking down a take on his life from the beginning stages to where he is now, Ethan shares with our pages an in depth Q&A where he speaks on what exactly made him who is he today. Take a look below at a portion of his weighted portfolio with an endless amount of far beyond familiar names!

Q: Who is Ethan Punal? 

A: An artist, a son, a brother, uncle, friend, and student of the world. 

Q: Where are you from & what was it like growing up there? 

A: I am from Miami, FL (Kendall to be exact). Kendall is very different from the rest of Miami because there is not really a lot of things going on down here. For all the events and other fun stuff, you must go downtown or to Wynwood. My friends and I are actively working to try and change that.

Q: What moved you to want to become an artist? 

A: I feel like everyone is an artist in their own way from the day they are born. Me personally my mom always kept my younger sister and I involved in random arts and crafts things of all sorts. One day she would have us making our own playdoh or making oobleck, then the next we would be finger painting. But in terms of pursuing it as a career so to speak, my friends really drove me and motivated me to take that next step and break the stigma of it being unrealistic. They were all kind of doing their own things with music and design from an early age and it just inspired me to get to that level too and tap into my own artistry.

Q: Favorite art piece ever? 

A: My favorite art piece ever is an illustration my mom made when I was younger. She used to make her own children’s books and illustrate them all the way through just to read to my sister and I. There is this one drawing she did of the New York City skyline in a cartoon form that has always stuck with me. She used like Styrofoam for the windows and cotton for snow and it was just crazy. Honestly, I am just trying to make cool stuff that compares to that. My mom is my only competition haha. 

Q: What inspires you? 

A: My family, my friends, other artists, being broke, and feeling underappreciated in my local community. 

Q: What’s your most favorable environment to work in?

A: Alone in my bedroom with either a good album playing, an interview on, or a great movie. I also make my best stuff in the early morning. 

Q: If you could explain your art in one word what would you say? 

A: Smart.

Q: When you’re not drawing what’s something that keeps you occupied?

A: Real life haha. School, work, my family, my friends, errands, bills. I also over obsess about my art and I am always on the move with it, so it really takes up most of my time.

Q: Who/What influences you? 

A: For the most part I would say the same things that inspire me. Also, my parents both have extremely good work ethic. My mom is a school teacher and touches the lives of so many kids’ year after year. I just want to be able to have that same impact. My dad to this day is still pursuing his dreams of being a drummer and it has shown me that this game is hard work and you got to keep working at it. Nothing in this is easy. 

Q: How old are you? 

A: 22.

Q: What’s your favorite song to listen to? 

A: Hustler Musik by Lil Wayne.

Q: Favorite rapper right now? 

A: Skepta. Of all time it would be Wayne.

Q: If you could be somebody dead or alive who would it be & why? 

A: My nephew because he is still at that stage where nothing matters but playing with your friends and having fun. Zero responsibilities and no pressure but being a kid. 

Q:  Is there any artist you’d like to work with at the moment?

A: Skepta, Kanye, Bape team, Travis Scott, Robb Banks, Takashi Murakami, Hajime Sorayama, Yue Minjun, maybe George Condo.

Q: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 

A: Supporting my family and myself off my craft and putting my boys in positions to capitalize on certain opportunities. 

Q: What’s next for Ethan?

A: More designs, more art, going to keep pushing my brand, Leaping Sundogs and legitimizing that and getting it out into the clothing world.

Q: When did you start designing & what would tell anyone who wants to learn?

A: 2015. I would tell them don’t be scared and to try everything. You can’t break the rules when you don’t know them yet.

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