Charlotte Vs. The World!

Today I had the chance to speak with a familiar face in North Carolina’s buzzing fashion scene. Jack Broadnax is someone you need to keep an eye on. Partnering with Wilhelmina Models in New York, Jack has been making his way. He’s even been featured in shoots for Social Status and Paper Magazine. 

 Jack for Sensen Lii & Paper Magazine
Jack for Sensen Lii & Paper Magazine

Although his modeling career is blossoming, he still has another passion. The founder of Her Children, Jack has now branched out onto another leg of his journey. 

Good People New York is his latest endeavor and he’s releasing his first garment today! The thick cotton crewneck is perfect for the upcoming winter season and features a quote that many should live by.

When I asked why he decided to stop Her Children’s production Jack said he made the switch because he “was very happy with all support the from friends, influencers, and his girlfriend Alice Vermillion along with the progression, but It was too focused on a certain genre of clothing.” Trying to expand his horizons he “want this new brand to be for anyone and everyone.”

If you’re interested in purchasing this sweatshirt click the link here to see his official webstore! 


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