California Vs. The World!

Oceanside, California native Colton Lara, more widely known as Curio, is quickly becoming one of the premiere photographers in the underground community as he has been building a significant portfolio over the past couple of years with every photo capturing raw energy from some of your favorite artists. From humble beginnings to aspirations of working with Vogue and Thrasher Magazine, we caught up with Curio recently and took a dive behind the scenes to get to know the man behind the lens in this very special addition to our Q&A series!

Q: Where are you from?

A: Oceanside, California.

Q: What was your upbringing like?

A: My upbringing was cool I’m pretty much doing the same shit still I’m only 19. I never spent anytime inside I was always out doing shit. Skating, playing pick up games at the park, shooting photos, be at friends houses or studios while they make music an I documented.

Q: What made you pursue photography?

A: I pursued photography 3 years ago. When I use to skate everyday with homies and had a lot of friends that were artists and decided to get a camera one day and just document my life and what I was around everyday.

Q: Are there any other photographers that you’re inspired by?

A: Photographers that inspire me are Tyler Mitchell, Ryan Allan and Atiba Jefferson.

Q: Why do you prefer 35mm film?

A: I prefer 35mm because that was the first camera I got one I was little. I’ve always worked with what I got. I don’t care about the most nicest or best camera out there. Also I really like the process of what you have to do In order to get your photos it’s not like a “DSLR” where you can see what you just shot instantly. The feeling you get when your about to see the photos you shot “ a couple days or months ago” once they are processed is addicting.

Q: Who would you like to work with in the future?

A: Brands I’d like to work with in the future is obviously vogue an thrasher magazine.

Q: What have you been listening to recently?

A: I’ve been listening to a lot of my big bro ATL Smooks shit and Obviously my fellow (16s) Boofboiicy, Bbyfacekobe and Lamont. Oh an also a lot of Q Da Fools shit.

Q: Top 3 places you would like to visit?

A: My top 3 places I would like to visit are Tokyo, Rome, and Australia.

Q: What are your favorite films/movies?

A: Sounds crazy but I’m not a big movie fan at all, I hate sitting down. it’s rare if a movie catches my attention to where I watch it all the way through. But I would have to say mid90s fasho.

Q: Favorite food spots in Los Angeles?

A: Favorite food spots in LA are Dino’s burgers, 405 Teppanyaki, and Dave’s hot chicken. All good as fuck y’all need to try them if you haven’t already.

Q: What are some long-term goals you have in mind?

A: Long term goal is to take off with my photography career an be financially good an start opening shops around the world which I know will happen. Not really in a rush cause I really love this shit. To go off track with your question I feel like A lot of these “photographers” today are all bullshit they all doing it for instagram. They’ll get a photo of future let’s say for example an post it just because its future but the photo is fucking ass. But to each is own lol. I really care about how I take my photos if I don’t like how I shot it. I’ll probably give you the money back that “you” gave me for the shoot.

Q: Who are some people that motivate you?

A: Everybody in my life around me motivates me in a way. You all know who you are.

Q: What’s next for Curio?

A: 2019 you can expect a lot of zines, more interviews, a lot of projects in general but can’t say what they are yet and hopefully I get my first feature in a magazine.

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