Why The Underground Needs To Respect Cole K

Charlotte Vs. The World!

Coming up from the Queen City, Cole K has been lighting up the underground with graphic art unlike any artist. Incorporating themes he’s sees throughout his own life, Cole’s art has it’s own flair of emotion throughout every piece. Whether it be the composite AK47 he made with over 20 different photos or the his pieces with the warped faces and planets, this guy’s in a world of his own.

 RonSoCold & Kaezoe (Rest In Power)
RonSoCold & Kaezoe (Rest In Power)

As he grew up in North Carolina Cole started his creative journey as a photographer breaking talent by the likes of Kaezoe, Swagg Juice, Jezus and RonSoCold. Mind you this was in 2016 when Charlotte was far from a music hub. Cole was undoubtedly ahead of his time; making relationships with soon to be stars. Whether you know it or not, these artists were the backbone that Charlotte’s underground was built upon and Cole was at the start of it all.

Not only a scout for next level talent, graphic genius, and a great shot, Cole is one of the main reasons for UsVersusWorld. Co-creator and visionary behind the platform you’re reading this article on today, the genesis of UVW was in the hands of Cole and Jay Danza. Where would we be without his vision?

It’s crazy to think about, but I wouldn’t be writing this article if it wasn’t for Cole’s guidance.

Now residing in the sunny city of San Jose, Cole continues to push the boundaries of his craft. Throwing out a wide range of colors, effects, and subject matter, you can never really know what Cole is cooking up until you see it for yourself.

Working with a plethora of artists by the likes of Slime Sito, David Shawty, HoodRichFlossy, Lil Xelly, Fonso Rex, and so many more, Cole has supplied some of your favorite artists with the most unique cover art around and has already put himself in the position to have a fantastic 2019. If you’re interested to see more of his breathtaking artistic ability, go to colemanklapheke.com or follow him here to be the first to see his next pieces.

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