Kansas City Vs. The World!

Duece Haley makes shit happen. This creator has been putting out consistent heat and just keeps on getting better with each release. The first installment of his WIKID 19’ Spring/Summer collection dropped yesterday and it included nothing but ridiculously fire pieces. His ability to visualize full-outfits and turn them into reality is outstanding by itself and deserves more credit.

Q1: How long have you been designing clothes?

The actual designing part, for 4 years now but it all started with printing t-shirts so I’ll say about 5 to 6 years.

Q2: What inspired the name “WIKID”?

Hahaaa that’s crazy, kind of a long story. But I use to live in Dallas, TX & I had got into a lot of shit with the laws down there from tickets & from back in forth from jail. & It just came to the point where I got tired of going through shit & knew the life I was living wasn’t for me & I really had to find myself. I always had the word “wicked” stuck in my head for a name for my brand, but I also wanted something meaningful & something that was going to mean something to me. So I change it to “WIKID.” “W-I” stands for wise & the “K-I-D” stands for kids it’s course, so more important WIKID jus means you changing you negatives to a positive.

Q3: What’s your greatest achievement in the design world?

My first distress hoodie “THE WISE WILL SURVIVE” people was going crazy for them.

Q4: Would you label yourself strictly as a designer?

HELL NAH lol. But no I do way much more than just design, I really hate being labeled as a designer cus that word is use so loosely nowadays. But if you ask me I’m an all around creator/Artist, God gave me the ability do anything artistically as long as I use the tools he gave me.

Q5: Where do you gain your inspiration from?

From real life situations… pain & happiness. It could be something that happened to me or someone else. Almost every piece that I drop has a deeper meaning than you would expect. Oh yeah Tyler the creator give me inspiration too that’s my guy!

Q6: Are there any particular brands you’d like to collaborate with?

Ok, short term goals I just want to work with the best creators in my city & they know who they are. But other than that I would love to collaborate with the brands that I grew up with . & not to sound cliche but like Supreme, Stussy, Bape, The hundreds etc
I just want to grow at the end of the day.

Q7: As a brand where do you see yourself in five years?

In 5 years I see myself opening up my own store in my city & somewhere else. & also see myself getting into directing a lot more & creating my own commercials/films because that is also something I always wanted  to do. 

Q8: Has there ever been a time when your creative world interfered with another aspect of your life?

Not yet I don’t think. It’s usually the other way around, aspects of my life interfere with my creative world, but I’m keeping it pushing with my head held high.

Q9: How do you pull yourself out of a creative slump?

I pray on it, smoke, & sometimes just eat. 

Q10: Out of all the collections you’ve released, which one is your favorite?

My fall collection was my favorite so far especially because I felt everything came at me once it really only took me a couple weeks to come up with the collection.

Q11: How do you organize all of your ideas?

I usually draw everything out first from logos, or sketching out how I want a piece to look like.

Q12: Have you always wanted to be a designer?

No I wanted to a basketball player most of my life. But I was fuckin up so much in school I knew that dream wasn’t going to happened. I honestly think God wanted me to put my artistic abilities to work because this is what I was made for.

Q13: Without giving too much away, what can we expect from WIKID this year?

More colors, more life, more life lessons.

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