OMARKI RŪ – H.I.V.E.S feat. KEYCHAINZ HEFNER & 9DFOUR (Official Music Video)

Charlotte Vs. The World!

As Omarki Rū releases the immaculate music video for the leading single off “Bipolar Sailor”, it’s clear to see that Amir would do anything to feed his “H.I.V.E.”. Teaming up with KeyChainz Hefner and 9DFour, this lyrically intoxicating track is all about keeping the family afloat. Whether they’re rapping about unfinished business, being ahead of the competition, or damaged goods, this group of guys wants nothing more than thrive in this unforgiving world. With visuals that you’d likely see in a blockbuster movie, Rū goes to another level on “H.I.V.E.S.”. This has to be one of the best music videos i’ve seen in the past few years, so don’t waste any more time and press play on this mind bending visual below.


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