Underground Royalty: Lucki

 photo captured by brick productions (@brickprod)
photo captured by brick productions (@brickprod)

Chicago Vs. The World!

We all know of the Chicago-phenom, Lucki, but we aren’t too sure if you know of how much pressure he’s applied in recent years. We’ve decided to construct a recap of everything he’s done to make that statement known to you—the reader. This man has really felt as if his time was coming sooner than later, and he was completely right.

Teasing a bunch of new music before delivering the storm of projects that set ears ablaze, Lucki spoke his dominance into existence & executed with ease. Starting in 2016 with the initiation of his infamous Freewave trilogy, the Chicago stunner really had his foot on gas and left all competition in the dust.

Lucki started off the Freewave trilogy by delivering a completely different sound in 2015. The production and the slurred lyrics over a hallucinogenic instrumental; it’s like you were getting high with him as he records. Although he had a cult following and adoring fans not many people understood him as an artist. His delivery was nonchalant and the subject matters in his songs were bleak. Nonetheless he changed the dark/alternative trap sound into something we feel in our souls. Hits like “Back Home” and “Newer Me” were a staple that uplifted this drug influenced wave of rap.

Lucki proceeded to cultivate the exponential growth of his audience while gaining more confidence to give the people what they truly wanted. Switching up the subject matter onto what we would call his metaphorical alter-ego of the moment was the terrorizing but yet anesthetically soothing project titled “SON OFSAM”. This project that represented a void caused an uproar and demonstrated what Lucki was truly capable of. Making every release better than his last, this project stood tall, but not to all; majority of folks overlooked this addictive dose of eerie tunes topped with haunting production. Highlighted tracks like “SYRUP TALK”, “HIS ONLY, & “DOUBLE CHECK” are what made this addition to the catalogue a powerful one.

At this point it was clear to Lucki that he had to hit the kill switch, and he did just that with his next move. Re-visiting the FREEWAVE series for the second addition, this is where Lucki believed he was a demon mentally, physically & spiritually. The dash boy had his fans at the palm of his hands. Anything he touched was without a doubt to go in his favor; no matter the approach. This phenomenal 10 track project was taken in to be an incredible listen to his audience and even new listeners. With too many records to list and flawless play-throughs; FREEWAVE II was the start to success on a massive scale for the underground king.

Live at a well earned throne, Lucki just couldn’t give up the weighted status he’s acquired, so he brought us front-row to a dungy-grim vivid perspective of his life in the 18-track release of “WATCH MY BACK/DAYSB4STORM” in 2018. This reflection of the dash boy is a showdown between the past & present version of himself. Personified in a diverse set of grasping production from GRIM DOZA, CORTDOT, GNEALZ, FORZA, PLU20 NASH, CLAMS CASINO, F1LTHY, UGLYFRIEND + more. This was a checkmate move because the amplified sound heard as soon you entered this chapter made it feel like you were embarking on an experience to his present takeover.

With the anticipation for more at an all-time high, all eyes were on Lucki by this point & he knew it. So in return he delivered the second installation to his “DAYSB4” series. Equipped with high-quality production from the proclaimed producer of MARCUSBASQUIAT; this became a stapled release. With storming records like “ROOT OF ALL” “SWITCHLANES” & “FACTS ONLY”—Lucki had us all ready for what would be his true debut project. This is when we would thought we would receive the tape BETTER DAYS but we were in for a even more greater surprise.

The greater surprise would later turn out to be FREEWAVE 3. Officially breaking the news to his loyal listeners of the major change of direction to his foreseen dominance—this would be the turning point for the Chicago phenom, leading towards superstardom & immense success. Weighing in at a victorious 15-records produced by a various amount of top tier producers such as Earl Sweatshirt, ChaseTheMoney, BrentRambo + more. This came right in time for the lovers holidays of Valentines Day. But not quite consisting of cliche love songs & romantic melodies, Lucki brought us into a dark refreshing vortex of reflective frequencies to match his character. If we had to choose mixtape of the year, then this definitely would be our choice. Already announcing another project to be titled “Flawless Like Me”—Lucki has only just begun to showcase his entire potential, despite the flood of immaculate projects there is truly no telling what the underground royalty of Lucki has in store for all of us. What we do know is that he has done enough for us to say he is definitely a living legend & will be go down as one of the best new-age rappers of our generation!

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