Illusions: The Vision Of The Future Capsule

Charlotte Vs. The World!

As JCon; the mastermind behind Illusions continues to work on groundbreaking new pieces, the meaning of his brand stays the same: to elevate the mindset of those who seek it through easily accessible garments with far out messages. With psychedelic lessons and themes throughout the entirety of this new collection, Vision Of The Future encapsulates the power of the mushroom.

Based upon the reign of Constantine, the take over of the Roman Empire, and how psilocybin enacted the domino effect, JCon uses rustic colors and eye catching imagery on every garment. Whether he’s painting bright mushroom caps on woodland camouflage hats or putting the stars on your chest with his glittery new logo hoodie JCon keeps the momentum going with “Vision Of The Future”. If you’re interested in any of these products visit to get a closer look.

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