Drop A Pin: The DMV

DMV Vs. The World!

The District Maryland Virginia area is home to a wide variety of diverse and trend-setting artists. This historic part of the United States contributes a fair amount of flows and lingo to mainstream hip-hop’s current sounds—their takeover isn’t going unnoticed though. We decided to highlight some of the most prominent creators in the area to let them know the world is watching.

  @rvmbokash  in  @MarinoInfantry
@rvmbokash in @MarinoInfantry

Some of the most notable underground heavyweights from this particular metro are SHABAZZ PBG, GOONEW, 909MEMPHIS, LIL XELLY, RVMBOKASH, XANMAN, A$AP ANT MONEYMARR, BABY9ENO, CASHBENTLY, LIL DUDE, KAYVO, AUSTIN SKINNER and KEEZAH G4G. The general sound for this region is an aggressive capriccio of lyrics over BeatPluggz type beats, ambient pads, nostalgic samples with precise drum patterns, and every other type beat you could imagine.

Most of the aforementioned DMV artists use little or no autotune in their music—some people would say that puts them at an advantage. Their brash, yet not overbearing vocal performances make for an electricity unlike anything heard from other up and coming media hubs. Also enlisting erratic and hypnotizing flows, DMV artists have propelled their cadence into the forefront of chart topping rap. Curators such as Baltimore’s DJ Nick and New Jersey’s DJ Phat have hosted numerous classic exclusives with DMV artists. A few of our favorite tracks from some of these artists are as follows:

 Shabazz PBG in Saints photo by  Original Shootz
Shabazz PBG in Saints photo by Original Shootz

Goonew – Stain (prod. Cheecho)

Lil Xelly – Awful (prod. Hendo)

Baby9eno & A$AP Ant – Rerock (prod. LordFubu)

Rvmbokash – Foreal (prod. Rob $urreal + StoopidXool)

Keezah + Goonew + Kayvo – Sellin (prod. DJ PHAT)

Lil Dude + Texako – 301 (prod. Lavish + Tweak)

Despite this area’s musical talent, the collective creativity of the DMV goes way beyond sound. Garments from brands like Marino Infantry and $aints can be found on your Instagram explore page regardless of where you live. Both of these brands have collaborated and are only going up from here. Their unique but simplistic designs make them top tier streetwear brands with DMV ties.

  @Mjwitdadope  rocking  @SaintsWorldwide  ‏
@Mjwitdadope rocking @SaintsWorldwide ‏

It’d be disrespectful if we didn’t show love to the culture from these illustrious states. Their innovation and consistency have proved their worth time after time. Originating slang such as ‘mug’ and even having a day to celebrate their own diverse melting pot with CultureFest, the DMV has their own way of life. Since everyone continues to grow with the DMV, it’s impossible not to notice their impact and influence over the entire Untied States. If you want to get familiar with some of our favorite faces from the DMV, keep tuning in to UVW as we continue cover to cover some of the best talent from D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

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