Oklahoma Vs. The World!

PAPI KODONE first brought his miraculous art to the mass population of Soundcloud with his historical cover arts for numerous rap stars we’ve grown to label as pioneers in today’s underground community. Ever since 2015 the name KODONE is no stranger to any of our mentals. The impeccable talent the Broken Arrow artist carries is apparent to all; he’s just too amazing for his own good. His consistency proves that his work will be remembered as the true masterpieces they are—kodone has never shown us that he doesn’t have what it takes to live up to the high profile name that he has acquired throughout the years. After being around for roughly 4 years there is really no telling how long his on-going legacy will last. If you’ve been on the internet as of late you’d know the craftsmanship & the work ethic has kicked into high gear. Ranging from iconic Twitter moments from veteran stars such as Chief Keef, Young Thug, Fredo Santana, Lil Uzi Vert, Speaker Knockerz + more, kodone hits the bullseye on each piece making the entire world fiend for more each time he decides to share his stellar recreations with the world. Take a look below at these pieces & take a minute to absorb the superior energy these emit:

If you’ve thought that was all the brilliant mind of kodone had in store then you’ve played yourself. When we said he has kicked everything into high gear those were stamped facts. The guy has lost his fucking mind exploding with endless inspirational creations. There is seriously no telling when this astonishing streak will come to a pause. The most amazing part about it all is the simplicity each creation displays. Keep in mind that about 6-8 new artworks have been dropping daily, so with that being said it’s safe say to say kodone is definitely playing no games in making sure his dominance is asserted on an even bigger scale. Here are the classic album/mixtape cover reworks:

Adding more weight to his already heavy-weight status, kodone has left us in complete awe. These pieces are blessings in disguise; his impactful memorabilia will live on for multiple lifetimes. Setting his iron sights on the best rapper alive & the king of the underground proves that there is nothing kodone can’t add his golden touch to & with these powerful pieces dropping at a mind-blowing rate it’s only more of reason to say KODONE HAS IN FACT REACHED GOD LEVEL.

Lastly, lucky enough Kodone has decided to put up limited tees/prints up for grabs on his website: kodone.bigcartel.com. Don’t miss out on this exclusively rare collection from the god-tier artist of KODONE available for all at 5PM central time!

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