Chicago Vs. The World!

Lucki has been making waves throughout the underground for what seems like an eternity. His brash, slurred, and drug filled flows and cadence are what make him so special. And the way he relays back stories of Percocet filled romps make for an addicting personality that you can’t help but gravitate towards.

For this latest 7 minute short, Lucki teams up with the only one capable for the job. Jake Osmun is the founder of NoFuture and was the man responsible for Lucki’s most iconic videos. “Don’t You Love Me”, “More Than Ever” and “No Wok” are all visuals with Jake behind the lens, so you know “Flawless Like Me” is going to be grainy, erratically shot, and have a homemade feel. As Jake captures Lucki’s obscure lifestyle, the talented shooter includes 2 perfectly integrated music videos for “More Than Ever” and “One Way”. Whether they’re at the slot machines, cooking in the studio, or street surfing, Jake Ossum and Lucki can do no wrong.


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