SuckerPunk Drops Off An Aggressive Double Sided Record

Charlotte Vs. The World!

One of my favorite faces from Charlotte’s budding underground has to be SuckerPunk. Her larger than life persona, dynamic flows, and undeniable energy is a recipe for addicting and hard hitting tracks. With her stardom rising by the second she seizes her moment with an insane EP entitled “OUTRAGE”.

Although “OUTRAGE” is only 2 tracks, Ky does more than make up for the short track-list. As the ambient melody from Angelus rings throughout your speakers and the 808s start hitting, you already know this is about to be something serious. “Detention” is a rude and aggressive banger that was actually inspired by true events. As she speaks on fake friends and how her uniqueness yielded bullies, Ky brushes off the bullshit with an energetic and emotive delivery.

Dangerous” is the closing track on this double-sided record. Another ambient cut produced by Angelus, this is where Ky flourishes. A vicious cut that’s ready for any function, the fast lead melody and rapid fire flows are upbeat and as the title suggest, dangerous. SuckerPunk is on her own planet- come and visit her by pressing play on “OUTRAGE” below.


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