Absent Clothing: A Streetwear Empire in The Making

Salt Lake City Vs. The World!

If you haven’t sleeping under a rock for the past year or so then we’re sure you’ve come across Absent Clothing. With star power like Billie Eilish, Lucki, and Belis in their garments there’s a good chance you’ve seen glimpses of their brand even if you’ve never heard of it. Brought to life by Parker ________ and Unathletic from the rural state of Utah, this is just the unlikely setting where greatness takes place.

Making his first wave with script logo tees, the name started gaining a respected reputation with stores around his city taking notice. Pop ups were few and far between at that time, but that didn’t stop Parker from following his dreams. Flying into North Carolina last summer the SLC designer decided to take his talents to Charlotte, NC meeting artists and creative alike. I met him that same summer and I knew Absent would eventually take on a life of its own.

 shot by @melsdead
shot by @melsdead

As he started gaining more and more traction from his collaboration with 10cellphones, Parker struck gold with his next installment.

Gem stone sweatshirts started popping up everywhere. And when I mean everywhere I mean everywhere. You couldn’t scroll once without seeing something about them. Designed by Unxthleric, this was the wave that started it all.

Inspired by the Swarovski crystal infused Bape pieces, Vivienne Westwood, and B.B. Simmons, the Absent rhinestone hoodies took the internet by storm. With MLB team logos used as the letters to construct the coveted brand name, Parker and Unxthletic found a diamond in the rough and ran with it. Sandals, color variations, and custom pieces hit the scene next only to further increase the demand. Next thing you know Absent hoodies are being sold on Grailed at an unfathomable $600. That’s how you know they were truly onto something.

 Lucki Wearing Custom Rhinestone Full Zip
Lucki Wearing Custom Rhinestone Full Zip

A piece of the puzzle that always seems to get overlooked is co-founder, Unatheletic. I’m saying this because I did the same thing. Attributed success to one when multiple hands had been on deck since Absent’s genesis. Responsible for the rhinestone designs you see above, more than handful of graphics, and so much.

He has his hand in everything streetwear and many fail to see that.

Dropping off a plethora of unique graphic tees, pillows, and even floor mats, this duo continues to push their style farther and father into streetwear’s center stage. A few collections and surprise drops later and the rest is history. With the hype around this juggernaught at an all time high, the rest of 2019 is looking brighter than ever for Absent. But you already knew that.

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