Austin Skinner & EricDoa Continue To Battle With Their Own Mind

Virginia Vs. The World!

Mental health issues have become a reoccurring theme within this melodic underground scene. With artists expressing their struggles with the mine field within their own head and the detrimental coping mechanisms that fail to suppress their thoughts, it’s plain to see that depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and many other illnesses plague the youth of today.

Although music isn’t a direct remedy, Austin Skinner and EricDoa try and level with the ones who feel as lost as them. “Withdrawal” does just that. As they speak on the sedating effects of Percocet, the lost time they can’t get back, and the one who got away, Austin and Eric show off their chemistry while also telling a story of an undeniable heart break. If you need a reminder that you’re not alone, press play on “Withdrawal” below.


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